Top 10 Best PC Optimizer Software 2021

Today, we will learn about the best pc optimizer software features here and know how much it costs. So here we have brought you the list of the best PC optimizers, with the help of which you can significantly boost the performance of your computer.

The best pc optimization software is used so that with the help of this you can increase the speed of your computer. This PC optimizer software for Windows, I have told you, with the help of this, you can delete all the temporary and junk files inside your Windows. Because of temporary files and junk tiles, your computer starts slowing down.

We have brought here the best advanced system optimizer for all of you, with the help of which you can improve your PC. Whenever you buy a new computer or a laptop, it works well for a few days, its performance is high-speed, but it gets slower over time, that is why we use PC optimizer software. So that it works back as a new laptop or computer.

How does PC Optimizer Software Works?

PC optimizer software works in such a way that when your PC is running very slow, the reason is that unnecessary case files are created inside it, cookies become junk files and your disk There is no space left inside, due to which your PC slows down. So this PC optimizer software deletes unnecessary case files present inside your PC, removes cookies file and also removes your disk space, and after removing all these PC starts running faster.

Best PC Optimizer Software for Windows

With the help of a Free PC optimizer, you can optimize your PC or laptop and delete all the junk files saved on your hard drive. It also helps in increasing the speed of your computer. It also optimizes your hard drive, clears its space, deletes the temporary files inside it, deletes the browser cache and cookies memory, and closes those running in the background to unencrypted programs inside the pc so that your computer should not be slow.

So let us now give you the list of the best pc optimization software.

  1. Iolo System Mechanic

This Paid PC Optimizer software also comes in a free version. With the help of this software, you delete any temporary junk files inside your PC and save your computer from being slowed down. And it deletes your browsing history, which is not essential. With the help of this PC cleaner, you can see how much faster your slow computer becomes.

Iolo is a complete package software and is one of the best free PC optimizer software. In this, you not only get the speed, but it also increases your internet speed, and your PC does not hang due to junk files.

Iolo It decreases the boot time of your PC, frees up RAM, increases the GPU’s speed, and increases the overall performance of your system. Due to which the computer stops hanging on you, and most importantly, This Iolo automatically turns on when you turn on your PC.

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  1. Norton Utilities

norton utilities

Norton Utilities is an antivirus company, but it has also made PC optimizer software, but it is paid. Whenever we play a game or use powerful software on our PC, then our PC becomes slow, then this software comes in place, it helps your PC run very smoothly without using your PC. Upgraded, this is its best feature.

With the help of this Norton utility software, you can uninstall and delete all the non-accessory files in your PC hard drive that slow down your computer or laptop. Gives and it also clears your browsing history so that no one can re-access your documents.

Norton Utilities is excellent optimizer software that boosts the performance of your PC. At the same time, it also gives a product to your PC. So, it is also considered a good software in terms of security. And it is also seen as the best optimizer software for Windows 10 in online business.

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 3. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashmpoo winoptimizer

It is a free tool and is known as one of the best free optimizer software. All you have to do is install this software inside your PC, and it will just do your work. There is a powerful optimization tool inside it, and with the help of this, it makes your PC very fast and smooth by deleting all the junk files on your computer.

The unique feature of this Ashampoo WinOptimizer software is that it also protects your laptop or PC from overheating. It also increases your battery life. It also keeps your PC safe, which contains unwanted browser extensions and malware in your PC.

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  1. AVG PC Tune-Up

AVG PC Tune-Up

AVG is an antivirus company that provides antivirus services for free, which is very helpful for your PC. It is also a paid antivirus. You can use this AVG PC Tune-Up software as the Best PC tune up software. It deletes the junk files inside your back and also uninstalls all those that have unwanted apps and software.

If you use very old Windows or use an old PC, this software is one of the best free PC optimizers. It corrects your PC in such a way that your PC starts working like a brand new PC.

AVG Tune-Up Software allows you to remove junk files from inside KBC, removes damage files, also removes cache files, removes cookies files, and also removes unwanted files from inside your room. Due to this, your PC becomes much smoother and faster.

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  1. IObit Advanced SystemCare

iobit advanced system care

 If you are looking for very easy to use software that can optimize your PC, you can do IObit Advanced SystemCare’s goods. IObit Advanced SystemCare makes your system much faster, and it also makes your system secure. And it also keeps your online privacy secure. And the remarkable thing about this IObit software is that it also secures your local email information and the contacts there.

IObit Advanced SystemCare is also free, and it also comes with a paid version. If you are a beginner, you can use the free one, but if you want to use a good PC optimizer, you have to use its paid version. And it is also known as one of the Best PC Optimizer. 

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  1. Piriform CCleaner

CC cleaner

We tell you a special thing about Piriform CCleaner software: it is one of the most downloaded and most used PC Tune up software. If you have a Windows PC, you can use it; although it also comes in paid version, you can also use the free one if you are not a big one.

CCleaner deletes the junk file inside your system, and we guarantee you that it will never disengage you because it makes your system much smoother. It is effortless to use, its interface is straightforward, and at the same time, it keeps the security of your system, and it is also known as one of the best PC optimizers.

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7.Advanced System Optimizer


Advanced System Optimizer This is a perfect PC optimization tool that fixes significant registry errors inside your system that you often see in your Windows. This software also checks the programs and files running in the background of your system and removes them or stops them so that your system cannot slow down. Advanced System Optimizer software removes the junk files, cache inside your PC, all those that happen over time so that your PC does not dance too much load.

Advanced System Optimizer This software removes unnecessary old piles present inside your system and automatically repairs corrupt drivers and piles. This software is also available for free and is also available in the Paid version. Now you have to choose which one you want to use. In the Paid version, you can see many advanced features such as real-time data protection auto-update and many other things you can see in it.

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  1. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defensebyte Computer Optimizer is not only optimization software, but it also increases the performance of your internet speed and also blocks the URLs of many sites as security inside your PC and which are other accessory tests. It blocks them so that your internet cannot be slow. And you can also use it to optimize your system, and it also increases the performance of your PC.

Defensebyte software repairs the load time inside your system to work faster and decreases the boot time of your system. It increases the speed of your CPU so that your system can be much faster, and it also posts the presence inside your system to work correctly by removing unwanted files from it.

And as soon as it passes, it also removes all the dead in the case. And it is generally considered to be one of the best Windows 10 optimization software because it corrects the major errors that occur inside Windows 10, such as registry errors. Although this software is not available for free, if you spend money on it, it will give you a great job.

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  1. SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus

SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus

SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus is well-known Windows optimization software that is mainly known as Windows 10 activation software. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with any other Windows, and it works with all types of Windows. You won’t have any problems with it. This PC optimizer software automatically increments the performance inside your system, which makes your PC run much smoother.

This software clears unnecessary processes and tasks running in the background inside your computer. So that space can be created inside your disk, due to which your computer becomes much faster. By the way, this is Paid optimization software, but if you want to use its advanced feature, then you must buy it.

SlimWare repairs the current corrupt driver inside your PC. You all know that if the drivers inside your system are not up to date, it also blocks your system, but with the help of this tool, you can automatically update all the drivers so that your PC can anytime Slow will not work. Slim Ware is much more prevalent in Best PC Optimizer Free to Use, but you can use it better by buying a premium version.

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  1. Razor Cortex

Razor Cortex is one of the best free PC speed up software: it is not used as a PC optimizer because it is used as a system booster. Razor Cortex is the most prominent feature that it makes your system very fast, due to which many games use this software, and it helps a lot in their gaming performance.

You must have noticed that when you use any creative software such as Photoshop and big heavy tools, a glitch starts coming inside your system. So with the help of this software, you can solve all these problems. It cleans your RAM and implements your system, and also improves your gaming performance. So this is how your system becomes much faster.

So we request you to use this software for sure will work very well inside your system and will make your PC very fast and an extensive application or software you can run with great


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I hope you have all the details about the Top 10 Best PC Optimizer Software 2021. But in this post, we have tried to answer all the questions you ask. If you still have questions about this Free PC Optimizer Software post, you can ask us through comments. We can tell that we will try our best to answer your question. 

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