The Page Fault In Non Paged Area Error Windows 10 – How To Fix

Are you having an issue in the nonpaged area in your Windows 10 device? Have no clue how to fix it, or why is it even happening in the first place? Well, you have come to the right place if you want answers to these questions!

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to rectify this issue with our given solutions.

This issue is nothing new or extraordinary. It has been happening since Windows XP, if not longer. Before giving you the various fixes for this issue, we’ll explain why this error occurs and what it can do to our software. The error, for some reason, targets Windows OS or its application(s) explicitly. The main thing that it does to our system is to retrieve or take out a part of our physical memory which is invalid. This may result in losing our essential data too, which is not good. Usually, this problem fixes itself by restarting your computer. But it certainly gets annoying with time while working on something and the next thing you know you find your device restarting.

This error is succeeded by a blue-coloured error window which usually displays the user about the issue. It is called Blue Screen Of Death(BSOD). This error has many adverse effects if left unresolved, such as OS crashing, loss of essential data, hardware and software malfunction, or problem in using windows programs and applications. Thus, the need for finding an ultimate solution is an important part. You may find this error in different forms like with driver names like .sys, NTFS. Sys or ntoskrni.exe.

To get to the root of the problem and fix it from there, keep reading this article. Below are some of the practical solutions to the concerned issue.

How to fix PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA errors in Windows 10

This error usually occurs whenever you add something new or do some recent activity by installing unknown software or hardware. Thus, this shows the error is generally related to software or hardware functioning. If you get an error after doing the activity as mentioned earlier, then try removing that or by undoing the new action and see whether the misconception still prevails or not. Suppose you find errors gone then well and useful. But nothing like that happens, then try using one of the methods given below:

First method: Test out your RAM

This is the most basic fix after restarting the computer option. If you successfully remove the error after following these steps, that’s good, but if you don’t, try other methods.

Follow the given below steps to remove the error:

1.Turn off your device completely

2. After turning it off, remove your battery and unplug all the power cords

3. Disconnect the RAM strip.

4. Carefully reinsert the RAM strip after waiting for a minute.

5. Restart your computer after reinserting the RAM and check whether the page fault in nonpaged area error is still showing or not.

Second method: Remove the software or simply update it that’s causing the error

Generally, in most cases, the error itself displays the thing that’s causing it. For instance, PAGE_FAULT_IN_AREA(cpuz138-x64.sys) error is occurring because of software named Speccy. Try first updating the problematic software to check whether this will remove the error from the system or not. If yes, then great but if not, then it is advisable to remove it from your computer.

Another common software is that our device may face error, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA(applecharger.sys). This error is caused by an application called ON/OFF. The ultimate solution for the error caused by some type of software or an application should be solved by either updating or deleting the said software.

Third method: Check Windows update and drivers or audio drivers

It may be beneficial to check for Windows update, or drivers update as this might cause an error in your operating software. They are often the reason behind the page fault in nonpaged area error. Follow these steps to do that:

1. Open your device’s setting and then update and security to check whether there is an update.

2. Click “check for updates” in the Windows Update tab and wait for the process to complete

3. Navigate to control panel in the tab and then click on “hardware and sound” and lastly on “device manager.”

4. This will take you to the device manager where you have to right-click and select “Update Driver Software”. This will update your software if there is any. Make sure to check audio and graphics drivers and even other third-party drivers so that nothing is left to correct.

5. After you are done doing all this, reboot your device and check whether the problem is solved or not.

If it still shows the nonpaged area error, try out this last method to remove this.

Fourth Method: check the Windows page file

1. Go to Windows Explorer and right-click on “This PC”.

2. Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu

3. Click on “Advanced system settings” and click on Settings in the Performance box.

4. This will take you to the other menu, where click on change in the Virtual memory box and uncheck “Automatically manage paging files for all drives”.

5. Put a custom size for the page file and then click OK.

6. Reboot your device.


All the methods effectively remove the PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA in your Windows software. But these are the only options out there, but there are also some more of these too. You can try all of them again. You can even consider changing your memory slot as well. If your device’s RAM has multiple sticks in it, try removing and then resetting them again. It might help too. However, even those methods also don’t work then consider replacing your RAM. It is not a very big issue. Just make sure to install only authentic software or applications from promising and healthy sources.

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