Minecraft not responding on startup-How to fix it

These days, several technical issues occur while users using various apps or system devices. These errors or issues need to be restored before it becomes uncomfortable for the users to use the specific technical device or feature. Just as Minecraft. Though many have started to use it and it has become famous among gamers. But, sometimes it can also face a few common or occasional issues. When you face issues while using it, your screen can pop up with a message saying ‘Minecraft not responding on startup’. This is one of the issues that Minecraft can face. Those who receive Minecraft not responding message can resolve it by various methods given below, But before knowing the methods to resolve it, it is necessary to know the possible reasons why this issue can occur. 

Reasons for Minecraft not responding on startup To Occur

There are multiple reasons for this issue to appear. Such as, it can be due to corrupt files, inappropriate game installation, Also, if  Java or Windows is not upgraded to the latest version. So you can try by resolving all these through the easy methods given below.

Use of the tool

Before trying out the step-by-step methods, you can also try a few of these tools. As these tools are specifically designed to detect any or all the errors in your computer system. It won’t only benefit in resolving the Minecraft issue but also help in giving your whole system a proper boost up and optimise it to the maximum potential. 

Tool: This simple ‘Restoro PC repair tool’ is usually used and recommended by many for proper detecting of any broken or corrupted files in your computer system. To use this tool follow the simple steps given below;

1.Download the ‘Restoro PC repair tool’. 

2.After the download completes, start the scanning process by clicking ‘Start Scan’ 

3.When the scanning is finished and all the possible issues have been listed. Tap ‘Repair all’ to repair all the issues. 

When you are finished with this optimising process. 

Methods To Fix Minecraft not responding on startup Error

Method 1:

The very first possibility for this issue to occur can be due to an older or outdated version of Java software. If while playing on Minecraft you are facing problems this can be due to the older version of Java. Java language is used for coding many games. So, its proper installation and having its most latest version on your computer is very necessary. To do so, follow the given steps;

1.Firstly, look for ‘Java’

2.Now, to open the settings, click on ‘configure java’.

3. Next, at the top of the screen, you will find an update tab. There, tap on the ‘ update now’

Once this updating is finished properly. Once, you become sure of the latest version being installed properly. Go back to the home screen and try using Minecraft, to check if this method has been able to resolve the issue you were facing. But if this method was not able to resolve the issue that your computer is facing. Go on and try the next method. 

Method 2:

Another obvious and important reason can be that if not Java, maybe Windows needs an update to solve this issue of Minecraft not responding. As it can be possible that Minecraft is asking for an update but your system can be of outdated version, that doesn’t support Minecraft new update. To update your windows follow the steps given below: 

1.Look for the start menu and tap on it to open it. 

2.Now, tap on ‘Gear Icon’ to let open ‘ windows settings’ option. 

3.Now, inside the windows settings option, you will find an option titled ‘update and security’ Tap in it to open it. 

4.Now, tap on ‘windows update’ tab. Windows will itself look for all the necessary updates. Update windows to it’s the latest version. 

When the whole process is properly finished, restart your computer and check with Minecraft if the issue has been resolved or not. if the issue remains the same, try on with the next method. 

Method 3:

Sometimes, it can also be that Minecraft keeps on freezing which affects it’s properly launching. This can be due to, that Minecraft lacks the required permission to run. To fix this issue, you can try by running the gas like an admin. To do so, follow the simple steps given below. 

1.Look for ‘Minecraft shortcut’ option on your desktop. 

2.On Minecraft’s Icon, Tap on ‘Run as administrator’. 

3.Now when the screen appears, tap on ‘yes’.

Now check if the issue has been properly resolved. If it remains the same. Go on to the next method. 

Method 4:

The very basic reason for these types of technical issues can simply be due to an outdated version of the software, system or drivers. For playing games on the computer or is required that the computer have a proper working graphics card. For a correct graphic card can make the game run smoothly and easily. Try updating Video drivers. To do so, follow the given steps. 

1.Firstly, Look for ‘device manager’ option and click on it. 

2.Once, your windows device manager is started, look for an option ‘Display Adaption’ and tap on it to open it. 

3.Now, on your ‘Graphics card,’ you will find an option ‘ Update Driver’. 

To have a proper update, look for the proper instructions provided there. 

The final step is to restart your computer and check f the issues have been successfully resolved. If the issue remains the same, go on to the next method

Method 5:

Minecraft has this amazing library of mods which help in playing eith friends and other online players. Mods have been one of the reasons for the huge spread of the popularity of Minecraft. But, sometimes these mods do not work properly, causing an issue that needs immediate action. 

These mods are not designed directly by the Minecraft makers. So, if you face the error after the installation of the mods, you can resolve the error simply by uninstalling those mods which you have installed recently. Once, you uninstall them, restart your computer and see if the issue has been corrected or not. If the issue still stays, try this another method. 

Method 6: 

This method that we have kept for the last, as a super savour is to simply uninstall Minecraft for once and reinstall it. Sometimes, a fresh start is the best of solutions one can find. Try it by following the simple steps given below:

1.Firstly, Look for ‘control panel’.

2.Tap on ‘ Open to launch control panel’ 

3.Within the list of settings, you will find an option ‘ Uninstall a program’ tap on it. 

4.Now, from the list of all the installed programs on your computer. Search for Minecraft and uninstall it. 

Once, the uninstalling process finishes. Go back and install it again. See if the error has been corrected. 

Conclusion :

By using these methods you can fix Minecraft not responding on startup , if you still face problem in solving the error, comment down below and we will help you to solve it.


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