How to Fix Laptop Plugged in but Not charging on windows 10

The laptop is one of the most important things these days if you face issues regarding the charging on windows 10. Many people prefer a laptop over a computer or desktop because you can easily travel with a laptop and work most comfortably and laptop and bring more convenient features. You can efficiently work on it and also go anywhere.

Furthermore, the laptop has a battery function which is the main element of a laptop, and this means that you should charge your laptop from time to time to use it properly for your work.  If you use a laptop, you must have faced problems and issues regarding its charging. Many people’s most basic problem in charging a laptop is “ laptop plugged in but not charging”.

This means the laptop is detecting the charger plugged in but is not in a condition to charge the battery. This could be one of the biggest problems because you have to work on a laptop and also you have to carry the laptop in the office or anywhere so your laptop must have a good amount of change. Because of no charging or low charge, it won’t allow you to use the laptop properly.

But with the help of this article, you will easily be able to find the solution for your laptop battery problem.

How to Fix Laptop Plugged in but Not charging on windows 10

Method 1: Basic checkup

Before you change the system’s settings, ensure that you check the following features:

  1. Ensure that the ac is plug and laptop adapters are correctly connected. 
  2. Ensure that the charging port of the laptop is clean.
  3. After that check, if your laptop battery has physical damage.

After checking all these things reboot your laptop and just try to charge it again. If the problem is not solved, then just move to another method.

Method 2: Reset the power.

Step 1: Firstly shut down your laptop.

Step 2: Remove the charger’s plug.

Step 3: Remove the battery after that.

Step 4: Now for 10 seconds, press and hold the power button after removing the battery.

Method 3: Run power troubleshooter

In case you face issues in charging your laptop, the windows has built-in troubleshooters to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Press on settings after clicking on the windows key.

Step 2: Now on the settings page, choose the update and security.

Step 3: After that, tap on troubleshooting and just wait until the whole process is finished.

Step 4: Now just restart your laptop and try to charge your battery.

Method 5: Reinstall Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery

Step 1: Look for the device manager after clicking on the windows key + S.

Step 2: Now, search the battery tab on the device manager and expand it.

Step 3: After that, look for Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery.

Step 4: Now right tap on it and choose to uninstall.

Step 5: Now restart your laptop, and then a window will automatically install and update the driver for your battery.


Are you plugged in?

This is one of the most important things on the laptop that you should plugin charger properly, and it sounds silly. Still, you require to ensure that the laptop is a plugin. No hardware repair or software tweak can make the disconnected laptop power instantly. Before that, you do anything to your laptop to ensure that the AC outlet and laptop ports are well seated and properly checked.

Now verify which any removable cords are fully inserted by checking the ac adapter brick properly. The next thing is to ensure the battery or laptop contact points are proper. Now you can find the problem and try to plug in the power cords into the several outlets.

It’s just to see if you have blown a fuse and it’s plugged into a power strip or a surge protector and takes it out and plug it after that. If it is not working at all, your laptop has some powering issues, and now the matter is that you need to find the problem and then try to fix it.

Is your charger powerful enough or not?

Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that it is powerful enough to charge your laptop just because the power adapter fits into your laptop’s charging port, and this is for any type of charger. Still, it’s a fundamental issue in laptops that charge over USB-C—you can technically plug in any USB-PD charger, but some might have too low a wattage to charge appropriately.

Now check if the charger is of a 45W charger that came with your laptop, probably you would be fine with a 45W charger or a charger with more power than this. Although the battery can be kept away from draining while using, it is not sufficient to charge it at any higher rate with a lower-wattage charger. If it can manage to recharge your laptop then, it will be slower than usual. Try to use one certified by the USB-IF if you will use a third-party USB-C charger and choose the best laptop and good charging ports.

Furthermore, it is recommended sticking with the brand’s official original charger for laptops which don’t charge over USB-C. If you have one of those cheap, no-brand chargers, try charging with the laptop’s official charger instead as the cheap ones can be of low quality or even dangerous, and that might harm your laptop.

How to reset the Laptop battery?

If you want to reset your laptop battery, all you have to do is just simply hold the power button for 60 seconds and then reconnect the battery correctly. After that, it allows it to charge for one hour without power on your laptop, and after that, your laptop battery will be appropriately reset. After a reset of your battery, the laptop will give accurate battery readings.


With the above information’s help, you can easily find the best solution for solving your laptop charging problem. Also, there are different types of laptops. You can select the best one available in the market with a good amount of battery life.  But if you face the plugin’s problem, then the laptop is not charging, you should follow the above steps and methods that can help you fix your problem.

You can adapt any of the above methods that can help you charge your laptop properly. These days the laptop is the basic thing for work, and it will be difficult if you can’t work on the laptop because most people prefer a laptop then a computer for travelling and work. If the issue is still not solved with the given methods above, go to the nearest service centre.

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