How to Install and Run Backtrack On Windows

If your computer and Mobile phone are facing a lot of issues regarding security then you should fix the security issues. But you don’t have to worry about it because you can easily fix that issue with the help of backtracking. It is a way and method that can easily help to settle and to clear down the system errors and technical problems or issues in your computer for that you just need to is that install the backtracking you can easily download it after that just run the backtrack on your windows and then you will get to know it properly and can learn easily how to use it.

You can easily use the backtrack if you know it properly for that you should first download the backtrack. Basically, backtracking is just a system which is powered by the Linux distribution this system is made for the security purpose and the tools of this system are used by the professionals and security experts for the penetrations tests and the infiltration testing program are allows the professionals and expertise to assess the vulnerability of the system and evaluate the performance entirely. 

Backtrack has amazing features which are easy to use and there is a collection of features a total of 300 sources of security tools are in this system such as information gathering, forensics, privilege escalation, stress testing, reverse engineering, maintaining access, etc features you can easily use this once you learned this features.

Firstly Linux on the window but just don’t download it directly first install it in a virtual environment it means that you can use window and run it on the other operating system whenever you use the window you can get this software like VMware or virtual box this system will make your security issues clear.

First Install and Run Backtrack On Windows using the Virtual Box:

Step 1: Firstly for creating a virtual machine. Start with the VirtualBox and then tap on the ‘New’ virtual machine button which will be in the toolbar.

Step 2: After that enter any name for the virtual machine just for example ‘Backtrack’ after that select the types of OS like Linux and the version as the other Linux and when you are done just click on the Next. 

Step 3: And then select the ‘create new hard disk’ and then tap Create. After that, they will ask you to choose the Hard drive file type and then choose the default VDI (virtual disk image) and click next.

Step 4: After that, you have to choose the ‘Dynamically allocated’ and click the Next. Now the most important part of this comes to select the size of the virtual drive and then just for example if you have taken the 2GB of the space for the virtual machine and then you can easily give more and less according to your preference and choice. After that click on the Next and the virtual machine will be easily created.

Step 5: Now add the backtrack Linux ISO virtual machine and then you need to add an ISO or image file of the OS and click the settings button and then you have to choose the storage after that too to choose the empty and finally now click on the disc icon in the right side and then it will open up a drop-down menu.

Step 6: And now select the ‘Choose a virtual CD/DVD file’ and then browse to the directory where the ISO or images stored, now the ISO image from the hard drive will come, and then click OK and everything is set and click on the ‘start’ button. 

Step 7: Now you have to click start and then the virtual machine will boost up and then it will load up the OS you should use backtrack 5 in this case and you might now have to click on the Enter so the backtrack starts boosting.

Step 8: Now you can install them and run back to the backtrack 5 on windows 7,8, 10. 

Using a virtual machine ware

Step 1: Firstly you have to create the new virtual machine and then choose the “Typical” which is required.

Step 2: Nextly you have to choose the installer ISO where you can easily browse to the ISO file of Backtrack. 

Step 3: After that, they will ask you to choose the guest operating system and easily click on the ‘Linux ‘ and ‘Ubuntu’ as a version and click on the Next button.

Step 4: Next window enter the Name of the virtual machine and location properly.

Step 5: After that, you have to specify the disk capacity which is required and recommended is 20GB.

Step 6: Now go to the next window and click ‘Finish’ you have to wait now to enter the boot screen.

Step 7: Wait until the screen appears after that select “backtrack text-default boot text boot”. 

Step 8: Now you have to type of startx to get the GUI and then click enter.

Step 9:  After that, in the desktop area you can easily find the icon of “ install backtrack” and it’s done you just have to run it. 

Conclusion :

With the help of this article, you can easily know how to install and run the backtrack on windows. Keeping your computer and android devices safe and secure is the most important thing. Because sometimes anyone can have your personal information or data so you must keep your device safe. So the backtrack is one of the most advanced and amazing technologies which can easily solve the problem and issues of the computer privacy settings. 

The backtrack gives you the best quality features the collection of more than 300 tools which is the most amazing thing. The functionality and stability of this backtracker are good but sometimes the discontinued support for Ubuntu and so many users have reported this issue other than this the backtracker works properly. 

Also, developers are working on this problem and will get the solution. Backtrack is just a method of understanding the privacy and security settings and most importantly if you want to use backtracking you should learn the backtracking procedure. Sometimes it can be difficult for some people and also for the beginners who just want to start using the backtracking. 

Because sometimes not everyone knows about this way to solve issues of the info sent and about the computers. Backtrack is mostly about the tools and their distribution and for the people who just want to test their penetration skills testing skills, you can easily get the course of penetration skills testing with backtrack. Backtrack is the most excellent thing by the Linux distribution for security purposes. Also, the most important part is that backtrack is an amazing technology that is mostly used by security professionals and security experts. 

You can easily update this system and can install the other software for distribution and with the updated version of this system, the new tools are introduced which are OpenVAS and Pyrit. In addition to the security experts toolbox. Lastly, the backtrack system is excellent for solving the security issues in the computer. 

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