How to Fix Windows has stopped this device (Error Code 43)

When you try to plug in through an external device, unfortunately, your computer pops up showing you an error message of error code 43. This means that your windows have stopped reading the device and can’t take up the task due to the error. 

This issue needs to be resolved. But, before doing so. One must look for why this can happen in the first place as there can be various reasons behind it. Also, one must know what an Error code 43 is—understanding the meaning of this message that is appearing when you insert an external drive. Can help in picking up the right method to solve the issue. 

Error Code 43

For every error that might occur due to different issues. The system has this decided error code, which pops up according to the particular issue that the derive is facing. Such as Error code 43. This error is a simple error message to inform the user of either the driver’s crashing or the driver’s communication with the driver. 

Reasons behind the Windows have stopped working and this Error code that occurs

Before jumping on to the methods. Know the possible reasons behind this error that occurs. As every specific error code have a reason for its occurrence. This error occurs when your driver is broken or is corrupted. Also, it can occur due to your external drive have broken. 

As you have now known the reasons for this message appearing. It is necessary to find the device that is causing the issue. To do so, follow the given steps. 

1.Look for the ‘Device Manager’ option. Click on it to open it. 

2.Now on it. Look for an option with a yellow logo on it. 

Now that the device that is causing the error has been spotted. To resolve this issue. Listed below are a few of the simple methods with step-by-step guidance. Try them and see if it helps you. 

Method 1: 

The very basic way to solve any issue and this issue, in particular, is to reinstall or update the device driver as this removes all the errors. To do so follow the steps given. 

1.The initial step is to look for ‘Device Manager’ and click on it to open it. 

2.Now, The hardware that you have to update needs to be selected.

3.To update the device, click right on it. 

4. Click on ‘Update Driver.’ 

5. When the next window opens. Look for, ‘search automatically for updated driver software’ and click on it.

6. Now, the search engine will do the required work and search for the driver’s latest version. And it will be automatically installed.

7. All you have to do is wait until the process is complete, and installation is done. After that, reboot your device. 

If this could not resolve your issue, look for the next solution. 

Method 2: 

The alternative solution can also restart your computer with the device that is already plugged it as this might resolve the error. To do so, follow the steps given. 

1.Plug in the device that is showing the Error Code 43.

2.Search for ‘Device Manager’ option and click on it to open it. 

3.Look for the device with a yellow logo on its side. 

4.You will have to uninstall it. To do so, click right on it and select ‘uninstall’ option. 

After uninstalling it. Reboot your device and see if the correction has been able to solve your issue or not. If not, go on to the next method. 

Method 3:

If the above two methods could not solve your device’s issue, try this out. As may be by changing the ‘power management configurations might solve the issue. To do so, follow the simple steps given. 

1.Look for ‘Device manager’ click on it to open it. 

2.After doing so, you will find few options. Look for the option ‘Universal Serial Bus Controller’

3.Next, you will have to expand it. On the ‘USB ROOT HUB’ click right and look for the ‘properties’ option to select it. 

4.Here, you will find an option ‘Power management tab’.

5.Last is to, uncheck ‘ Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ once it is down, click OK to confirm. 

To confirm if the method has successfully resolved the error, plug in the device. 

Method 4: 

If your trouble remains the same, maybe you will have to take the help of system ‘troubleshooting option to kill the issue. To do so, follow the steps given. 

1.Firstly, Click on ‘Windows key.’ 

2.Next tap on ‘Settings.’ 

3.Now on settings ‘Look for ‘Troubleshooting’ option. 

4.On this menu, you will find an option ‘ configure a device’. Click on it. 

5.Now, tap on ‘Next.’ 

6. Now, wait for the scanning done fully. 

7. After that, you just have to click on ‘Apply this fix’. 

Once this process is done, reboot your computer and see if the error has been resolved. 


It is essential to resolve right away any issue that is occurring while working on your desktop. As if not resolved, it can pile up later and cause big issues altogether. To avoid that, trying out any of the above-listed methods might help you. Once a problem is resolved properly, it can give the user a sense of satisfaction, and fast working can be easily done without disturbance. 



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