How to fix ‘System Thread Exception Not Handled’ Error in Windows 10

Users face various issues while using different software. Just as they use Windows 10. As sometimes, windows 10 might show system thread exception not handled error or simply a blue screen might occur while playing games or using the computer. There can be a few reasons for this error to occur. Before knowing the reasons it is essential to know what exactly is this error. 

What is System thread exception not handled? 

It is an error that users generally see on their computer screen. This means that there is an error that a system is not able to detect and so is an exception, which is created by the system thread. This is usually seen in Windows 8, 8.10 or 10. Few things can cause it and it can be resolved by the methods that are listed down.

What can cause this ‘System Thread Exception not Handled’ Error in Windows 10? 

The very first reason for this issue to occur can simply be due to a bug in the system. The other obvious reason is that it can also be caused due to some other software or hardware or due to the driver not working properly. Failure or any of these being corrupted can be the reason too. A recently installed program can also create this issue. Some might face this issue immediately and some might face it after a few seconds.  

Few simple ways before we go into detailed step by step methods can also help in restoring the issue such as :

Restoro PC Repair Tool

This tool can help in removing multiple viruses easily. As just in few simple steps as follow; 

1.The very first step is to download this above-mentioned tool ‘Restore PC Repair Tool’.

2.Now, to search the issues that are causing the main problems in the PC. Tap on ‘Start Scan’ the rest you have to do is wait till the scanning is finished. 

3.Next is to tap on ‘Repair all’. This will repair all the errors that the scanning have displayed. 

Now following are step by step guided methods to remove the error: 

Method 1:

The very first method is to reinstall the display drivers. As sometimes this error can be due to the corrupted or old drivers. It very essential that your graphics card should work properly with your PC if it is not working properly, fix it by following these steps. 

1.For the reinstalling process, Search for ‘Control Panel’ and open it

2.Now search for ‘Program and features’ options and click on it 

3.Search for your graphic’s card and reinstall it. 

4.Now, Go to the graphics’ card manufacturer’s website. There, do the simple process of installing their latest driver. 

5.Once the installation process is finished. Now, restart your computer to see if the installed driver has started to work properly. 

If this simple way could not help you. Maybe, your PC is facing some different issue. Try out the next method.

Method 2:

This next method says to check your system files, simply by scanning it. As windows do have an inbuilt scanning system to remove all the faulty and broken files. So, to do this scanning process follow the given steps. 

1.Firstly, search for ‘Command Prompt’

2.Next, select ‘Run as administrator’ option 

3.Now, after doing so, within the command prompt type ‘sfc/scannow’ and tap enter.

4.Now run the scanner to fix the issue. Make sure to run it for at least 2 to 3, times, to make sure all the issues have been resolved properly. 

But, if this simple method could not be of any help to you. Look for the next method. 

Method 3:

Many tools within windows can be of great help in resolving issues. Just like, ‘Windows Check Disk’. This can do the more deep scan work to restore your PC for any issues. It can easily recover all the broken files. So to do this scanning process follow the simple steps given.

1.First, Open ‘Control Prompt: option. 

2.Now click on ‘Run as administrator’ option.

3.Now, type ‘chkdsk /r in the given space and tap enter.

4.Now, all you have to do is simply wait for the scanning process to finish properly. 

5.Once it is finished. Restart with your PC and see if your issue has been resolved. 

If this too could not work in your case. Go to the next method.

Method 4:

As the issue can also be due to ‘the sound card driver’. So to resolve it, you will have to reinstall it. To do so, follow the steps given.

1.Look for the ‘ Device Manager’ and click on ‘open to process further.

2.Next is to tap on ‘Audio inputs and outputs’.

3.Now, search for your sound card driver and ‘ uninstall it

4.Once the installing is properly down. Restart your PC to check if the issue has been resolved properly. 

If the screens remain the same if the errors still appear to be the same. Try this next method. 

Method 5: 

As for those who are still facing the same issue. You can try to resolve it by simply reinstalling the windows system. As sometimes, the issue can be beyond the visibility of the user. 

To remove the problem from deep down. Reinstall windows. But also, make sure to have a backup of your files before taking any steps. As these reinstalling processes can erase your already existing files. 



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