How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac For Free? [5 Methods]

Wants to Convert PDF to Word on Mac For Free? The portable document format (PDF) works well with any operating system whatsoever; it can be viewed strictly in the same way it was created. The portable document format (PDF) is a versatile format of viewing as well as quickly accessing the articles as per the user’s convenience.

The only feature not accessible in the portable document format (PDF) format is editing. Editing is one of the essential functions while writing, to edit the file you need to convert it from the portable document format (PDF) to a format which is more accessible. If you are a user with Mac as an operating system, this process can be even more exhausting.

Therefore to provide solution in this situation, we have five different and detailed methods to convert those PDF files that are scanned to .doc, .docx or TXT format. These are working and easy ways for converting the PDF file to word on Mac

How to convert PDF to Word on Mac

1. Export PDF to Word on Mac Using Google Docs

The majority of the users forget to realize the accessibility and functionality of the google docs. Google docs offer a wide range of functions which allow the users to get a satisfactory product one such feature is the conversion from PDF to word. Google Docs is a strong tool as it has Optical Character Recognition that can convert the scanned PDF or image files to a word file and so, it can be used in the documentation part . It is necessary to follow each of the following steps clearly to finally convert the PDF document satisfactorily into word and get a satisfactory product.

Step 1: Open the google docs and register with your username and password. Sign in carefully with legitimate details and make sure you save the details.

Step 2:  Now click on the gear-shaped icon which is placed on the top right corner of the google docs page. On the dropdown list, click on settings.

Step 3: Move to the left panel and click the general tab, now go to the Convert upload section.

Step 4: After these steps, correctly click on the dropdown box Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format’ and then click on the ‘Done’ option present.

After doing this, your PDF should be converted to word; however, if you face any inconvenience, try using the following google docs method to see if that works.

Step 1: open google drives with your Mac and signs in with your correct details.

Step 2: Now, select file upload which is present in the dropdown menu on clicking the new option on the top left corner. You have to choose the PDF file that you need to convert into words.

Step 3: After successfully uploading the file on google docs select the file tab and click on the option of download as, there you will find the prospect of Microsoft Word (DOCX)- select it.

Step 4: Now after saving the file, it will be available in the word column where you can successfully edit its content.

2.Convert PDF to Word on Mac with Automator

Automator is an application which is present as the inbuilt feature in the Mac operating system. Automator also helps convert PDF files to make only a handful of Mac users realize this. However, this application won’t give your file a finished look, and you will have to make a few amendments to your product.

This application will help you to extract the PDF file and turn it into Rich text or plain text. This application makes the saving process of the PDF file very easy. Now, follow these steps given below for PDF to Word conversion.

Step 1: At first, click on the Automator tool on your Mac. 

Step 2: create a new set of workflows and then move to the section of the search.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Get selected finder items’ and select PDF file.

Step 4: Go to the ‘Extract PDF Text’ option and then click on the ‘Output filename’, i.e. rich or plain text.

Step 5: After completing the task above, click on the run and allow the app Automator to do the function for you.

Step 6: once this task is achieved open, the word file converted from PDF.

3. Try third party applications

The conversion of PDF to word file can also be done by Mac freeware. You can try taking the help of the internet for the same some of its services are paid for while most of them are free.

Some of these services or applications come with embedded optical character recognition to have a perfect output. Some of these services or applications provide a demo version that you can try.  

Step 1: try searching for applications with embedded OCR technology like CISDEM, Online OCR, and many more.

Step 2: After selecting the one that you wished, download and run the application or service.

Step 3: Now select and drop the file and adjust the file as per your convenience.

Step 4: After completing with the final touch you wanted to give it to your file, go to the output format section and choose the format of your wish.

Step 5: click on convert file.

Step 6: After completion of the process, open the converted word file to view it.

4.  Convert a PDF to Word File using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe application is the creator of PDF. Therefore it indeed contains the feature to convert PDF to Word and there’s one such feature which is quite expensive, Export PDF to Word. It works on any operating system whatsoever and does the task smoothly. You don’t even need to provide touch-ups to your document.

This tool does not provide a free trial and this is one of the prime disadvantage of this tool. You will only be able to know about this tool after purchasing the subscription plan that costs the US $23.88/yr.

5. Convert PDF to Word in Mac without any Tool

If you don’t want to install any software just for converting your document, search for “pdf to word converter for mac” online, you will get plenty of websites for the same like SimplyPDF which are offers these services free of cost. You need to go through this task, upload your PDF file and convert it without any extra charges. If you do this a lot, bookmark your favourite websites and use them for conversion.

Final Thoughts

From the above-detailed steps and different methods of converting PDF to word file, it is pretty clear that converting the PDF file to word is very easy. All the ways listed above are free of cost except for the adobe method, so you need not worry about the price.

Out of all these options, the best is the google docs and Automator tool. They are cost-free and very accessible. However, all these methods offer and complete the task successfully select the one you can relate the most.

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