10 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for PC [2022]

YouTube Video Downloaders for PC

Are you looking for the best YouTube video downloader for PC to save YouTube videos to your computer? The working list is available here.


We all have to look for YouTube video downloaders at some point for one cause or another. We used to use the same tool to download movies because we didn’t have enough data, but now we’re seeking for an online YouTube video downloader because of its paid features and extensive video library.


YouTube provides so much great content that no one can become bored with it. Fortunately, we now have Wi-Fi, but it is not always available. And, as I already stated, we can no longer download videos using paid features. We can download YouTube videos for personal use to cope with the circumstance. And how can you locate the best YouTube video downloader for your computer? The solution is right here. Here is a list of ten names you can use to download YouTube videos for offline viewing.


Best YouTube Video Downloader – Features

Before you pick any tool to download YouTube videos, look at these features to make your work easy.


1. Downloading speed:

When you visit a website, many tools provide a high-speed option, but they perform too slowly in practise. And nowadays, waiting an hour to download a 2-5 MB video is a bit frustrating. As a result, always check reviews before settling on a name.


2. Batch downloading:

To save time, it is usually worthwhile to save numerous videos at once. When downloading a playlist or series, this option comes in handy. Believe me when I say that this is a tremendous time saver.


3. Flexible with file formats:

YouTube isn’t just for movies and TV shows. In reality, it is better known for its music. When it comes to music, the YouTube video downloader programme is even better when it can extract audio from video files. Some programmes can even transcode video into several or specific formats.


4. Safe to use:

Data is the most valuable or expensive object in the eyes of technology. A dependable YouTube video downloader is also recommended to prevent any system breaches. Before using it, please read the privacy policy. Make sure it won’t gather and sell your information to a third party. Furthermore, it does not establish that you are in violation of copyright laws.


5. Copy-paste the link:

The video link is simple to paste, and you may download it with only one click. This capability is available in almost all tools, and it requires you to copy the video link from YouTube’s URL bar and paste it into the appropriate app or website. And the video remains eternally on your computer with only two simple steps.


Best YouTube Video Downloader

1. 4K Video Downloader

A 4K video downloader is the top name on the list of greatest YouTube downloaders online. It is a reputable brand. For novices, I believe it is the greatest programme to start with. It is straightforward to use. Open YouTube and copy the link to save the video to your Mac.


It accepts a variety of file types. Furthermore, all of the videos available for download are of excellent quality. It can certainly handle your playlist. You may also convert files from video to audio format. Its subtitle feature, which supports 50+ languages, is exceptional. You can use the smart mode to specify a specific file format for all downlands and outputs.


The 4k in the name refers to the video resolution. However, when it comes to downloading, it is a little slow, but who cares when you have 4K video on your Mac?



  • Extracts subtitles
  • Smart mode to define file formats
  • 4K Video quality



  • Slow download speed
  • Only one way to download a video


2. Save from net



When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, I prefer to save from the internet only because you can just download videos with two clicks. It supports numerous other platforms, including Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others, in addition to YouTube.


You also don’t have to download anything to utilise it. Copy and paste the YouTube link into your web browser. After that, select the export format and quality. The movie will appear on your computer, laptop, or mobile device in seconds.


Yes, when you download a video using a free service, you will see an ad popup and, in certain situations, you will not get the best video quality. Aside than that, I’ve never had any issues with this website.



  • Fast and responsive
  • Multiple format support
  • Free to use


  • Ad popup on each download


3. Elmedia Player



You might question my choice of this name because it represents something else. Yes, it is correct. Elmedia Player is not a YouTube video downloader, although it does have the ability to do so.

This multimedia player with download capabilities is a win-win situation. You may watch videos without ads and download them in bulk. Yes, it only works with Mac and iOS devices. It’s worth attempting a paid subscription.


You will undoubtedly replace it as your default media player after using it. Numerous audio and video formats are supported. It supports all platforms without showing any adverts, whether it’s YouTube, Playmotion, or Vimeo.


Using the app’s AirPlay functionality, you may project your material onto a large screen. Beginners, on the other hand, may feel overwhelmed.



  • Support variety of formats
  • Ad-free video
  • Stream via AirPlay



  • Not best for beginners
  • Limited compatibility


4. ClipConverter



ClipConverter is the next name. It is a sophisticated programme that can download videos from over 10,000 websites, including YouTube. The video resolution in full HD, 4K, and lower. The built-in video converter can change the format of videos.


Another feature is the ability to extract audio from videos. If you want, you can listen to only audio. MP3, AAC, and MP4 are the audio formats that are supported. All of these factors together might make this programme an excellent YouTube video downloader.


This programme is compatible with Mac, Android, Windows, and iPhone, so you may use it on any device. It is quick and secure, so you don’t have to be concerned about its security. The interface is the tool’s only drawback. It’s a bit naive.



  • Support multiple video resolution
  • Built-in video to audio converter
  • Provide plugin service



  • Basic user interface


5. Downie



As far as online YouTube video downloaders go, Downie is the name to remember. It, like others, allows you to download videos using the usual copy and paste method. It also comes with a browser plugin that allows you to capture your favourite videos from any device.


The software offers an in-app search tool for saving videos, which allows you to download films directly from the app. The basic mode function removes any distracting elements from the screen. The most important feature is that it can download videos from over 1200 websites, including YouTube.


The lack of a video converter is something I dislike about this conversion. It can only convert video to mp3. In addition, there is no video preview. However, it makes little difference when you are getting high-quality films.



  • Built-in search
  • Simple Mode
  • Postprocessing
  • Saves 4K video



  • No built-in converter


6. Folx



Folx is another advanced YouTube video downloader app. It can work well with YouTube videos, torrents and direct downloads. If you are looking to get the videos with quality and in no time, you can consider flox for sure.


It can split downloads into up to 20 streams which means you will get an excellent downloading speed. There is a built-in torrent search that allows a user to save the files directly from the app. Also, the videos are arranged by seeds to find the best option.


One can save the whole playlist as a quick download. Also, it can save videos as MP3 so easily video to audio conversion. It is the fastest name on this list and approximately 20 times faster than others.

However, for the best features, you have to become a part of the pro version. And you can’t delete your downloaded files in batches.



  • Built-in torrent search
  • Save mp3 from videos
  • Smart Speed feature



  • Pro version for best features
  • One by one file deletion


7. Any Video Converter



Any video converter is the finest name for you if you wish to convert your video output to an uncommon file format. Any video converter can download and convert videos from any source.


You can deal with MPEG, VOB, or any other format in a smooth manner. The interface, for example, may be a little buggy, but it does what it says. It allows you to download music directly from YouTube and other websites. This is also useful when your Mac is unable to open a specific format.


It prompts you to drag and drop the link instead of copying and pasting, which is inconvenient. When you want to check if the video is working or not, the lack of a video preview makes a major impact.



  • Audio downloads
  • Convert to different formats



  • Poor user experience


8. AnyTrans



AnyTrans is not only a video downloader, but also a powerful file management. Everything is included within the app. This app does not require any more work on your part.


It will offer you the feel of classic iTunes when it comes to managing your contact directory across all of your devices. It may also download content from 900+ additional websites, including YouTube, using the media downloader. You can choose from a range of file formats, and you can even extract mp3 from videos.


The learning curve for this programme is considerable; understanding and utilising its capability takes time.



  • Control over your content
  • Custom formats
  • Backup feature



  • iTunes library limitations
  • Overwhelming interface


9. Y2mate



YouTube downloader Y2mate is well-known. Because it is a web-based application, you can use it from anywhere. There are no device limitations when using it. It’s simple to utilise this free YouTube video downloader. The device is now ready to receive an offline YouTube video after copying and pasting the video link. It does not require any installation, therefore there is no risk of space being taken up on the device.


It may contain malware, according to some users. As a result, it is recommended that you just use it once.



  • Ease of use
  • No installations required



  • Might contain malware
  • Limited formats


10. Video Grabber



The last name on the list is Video Grabber. It’s a one-stop shop for downloading YouTube videos. It has the ability to download videos from YouTube, Lynda, Twitter, TED, and other sites. A few attention-getting videos can be found on the website. Without going to YouTube, you can easily search for it, watch it, and download it.


It supports a variety of formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, and others, all of which are compatible with most popular devices. It appears to have all of the features you’re looking for in a web-based application. The built-in screen recording tools might save you a lot of time and effort. Its live screen recording and broadcasting capability appeals to me. The only drawback to this software is that it requires a plugin to use any feature.



  • All-in-one video downloader
  • Support 1080P and 4K resolution
  • A built-in recording feature



  • Download a plugin to use any feature




It’s all about the top ten YouTube video downloaders, including their features, disadvantages, and advantages. We hope you find the information in this list useful. Please double-check that any name on the list is compatible with your device and the approach you’re used to.


Also, check sure it meets all of your requirements, such as 4K video quality, a free tool, a variety of file formats, batch download, and so on. You have the last say. So, what are your thoughts? Which one do you prefer? Use the comment section below to share your response. Many thanks!!

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