8 Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Windows of 2022

Whiteboard Animation Software

Are you looking for the best whiteboard animation software to make a personal or commercial explainer video? Check out this list of the best whiteboard animation software.


Visualization is the most effective means of communicating a message. Movies and motion pictures have been the most effective marketing tool since the dawn of humanity. Whiteboard animation is one of the most successful methods. The greatest whiteboard animation software will be discussed in this article.


Whiteboard movie creator is a fantastic programme for making animated videos for both business and personal purposes.


Best Whiteboard Animation Software

In 2009, a video of the first whiteboard animation was discovered on YouTube. It was just a simple animated explainer film, but it changed the industry forever. Stop motion animations featuring cartoons or drawings are known as whiteboard animations. Their entire goal was to present and deliver the concept in the most straightforward manner feasible.


How Whiteboard Animation Videos Are Made?

You may now utilise a variety of technologies to quickly produce a great whiteboard animation film. The method of generating this type of film includes writing a story, using a whiteboard animation creator to create animation, adding voice-over, adding background music, and then syncing the entire animation and voice-over sequence.


The benefit of Whiteboard Animation?

Some of the first whiteboard animation movies are meant to be instructional. It enables pupils to grasp a difficult subject in a simple manner. This type of movie is being used in schools and colleges all around the world to help students learn faster and more enjoyable. Commercial purposes, such as advertising, are also served by this form of video.


This video is most commonly used as an explanation. Whiteboard animation is used to explain the company’s goals and products. It is the simplest and least expensive method of advertising. This type of video is now released by application and software makers after their product launches to help users figure out how to utilise their product.


Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Windows

#1. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker



This whiteboard animation programme is quite simple to operate. You can start making your animation video by dragging and dropping props into the whiteboard animation software, which requires no design or programming skills. To get you started, you can choose from a variety of customisable layouts. To liven up your animation film, you can utilise hundreds of amazing animation effects. It is also feasible to include voiceovers in your animation video. You can publish your own animation video created with this whiteboard animation programme to YouTube to reach a larger audience.


#2. Adobe Animate CC



Adobe is known for the quality of their products, hence this is the most professional software for Whiteboard animation. The most adaptable whiteboard animation programme also produces excellent results. You will not require any further software once you have obtained this software. With this whiteboard animation maker, you can easily create some of the best videos. The software’s intricacy is the only issue it has. Mastering this software would take some time, but once you did, you could compete with anyone.


#3. Explaindio



Possibly the best whiteboard animation programme available. It can also produce animation and cartoons. This programme has a lot of features and customization options that might help you make a better film. You may effortlessly turn your photographs or GIFs to a whiteboard animation video by importing them. This software, on the other hand, is similar to Adobe in that it has a steep learning curve and takes a long time to master. Also, though this software is primarily intended for marketing purposes, it would be useful in educational settings. They also do not offer a free trial.


#4. VideoScribe



This whiteboard animation maker is likewise well-known for producing high-quality results. This software would be ideal for novices, with a variety of choices and a simple user interface. The video’s timeline is broken down into an easy-to-use block scheme. There is no need to rehearse because all of the functions are drag and drop. This software is by far the most user-friendly. You can also add items from their extensive built-in collection. You can save your whiteboard animation movie as a file, a PowerPoint presentation, Facebook, or YouTube.


#4. Doodly



This software is the only Doodle Animation Video Creation Software that allows anyone, regardless of technical or design skills, to create professional, realistic doodle videos in minutes, according to their website. They are also correct in that you can create a whiteboard animation video by simply dragging and dropping. You can make videos on a whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board. They offer a large media collection from which you can get any element you desire, or you can design your own pieces using their clever doodle technology.


#5. TTS Sketch Maker



Text to speech is used in this whiteboard animation software. It implies you won’t have to do the voice-over because they’ll give a pre-recorded voice to read your screenplay, and they aren’t all robotic. There’s no need to be concerned about learning the UI because it’s easy and straightforward. With free whiteboard animation software without a watermark, you may export your whiteboard animation movie in HDS quality without any watermark. The user interface is basic, and the functionalities are not difficult to understand.


Free Whiteboard Animation Software to Download

There are plenty of online tools that allow you to create whiteboard animation for free. Here is the list.


#1. Animaker



This free whiteboard animation software is a flash-based internet utility. For folks who are using it for the first time, it is fairly simple and user-friendly. You can either use their media library or submit your own images to make a layered video. You can preview each scene of your whiteboard animation video before exporting it.


#2. Powtoon



This whiteboard animation software is a flash-based free internet utility. It’s a straightforward programme with a cartoonish flair that allows you to make whatever whiteboard film you require. They also contain several useful elements that can be used to create an excellent explainer video. Although they have certain technical concerns, such as recycling the same element and design, which will be inconvenient if you want to create many videos, they are still a step above PowerPoint presentations.


Some of the other Whiteboard Animation Software

  • GoAnimate
  • Moovly
  • TruScribe
  • Camtasia
  • VideoMakerFX
  • Crazy Talk – Animator 2


Whiteboard animation software has been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whiteboard animation creators are in high demand, and this programme will help you get started quickly. If you own a business and want to advertise with a whiteboard animation movie but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you may use this software to make one yourself. We hope this post was helpful in locating the finest whiteboard animation software, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.


Do you have any other White Animation Software that you use to make amazing animation videos? Leave a comment below. We’ll look into it and add it to the list.

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