What Is ETD Control Center and How to Remove It

ETD Control Center

Various people want to understand the concept of what the ETD Control Center’s task manager accomplishes. You might want to discover the best way for resolving various ETD control centre faults.

Perhaps it’s the etdctrl.exe problem; whatever the case may be, now is the time to move on.

ETD Control Center: What Is It?
You might be surprised to learn that the ETD control centre consumes a significant amount of CPU space on your computer’s task manager. Even yet, certain faults in Windows 10 will not be addressed.

You can see a blinking and showing symbol in your taskbar. The ETD control centre symbol would display itself without fading, giving the impression that you had pinned it there.

Control Center Definition

ETD Control Center

Consider the Control Center to be the task manager’s ELAN service. The ETD control centre would be primarily developed to handle various functions of smart-pads, such as gaining gestures or multi-finger input.

In the task manager, you can see the file etdctrl.exe and the ETD control centre assistance. You can readily see the ETD control centre symbol in the taskbar while opening the touchpad. This simply proves that the “ETD” is not a virus of any kind. It is, however, one of the most important smart-pads in the ASUS lineup.

You may want to disable or uninstall etdctrl.exe for specific users at times. Why? Because it would result in a huge CPU usage. Otherwise, the ETD control centre on Windows 10 will not function.

Is the ETD control centre required to be removed?
The ETD control centre is pre-installed in the laptop for touchpad functionality, as you are aware.

When you turn on your laptop, it immediately offers various functions that make working easier. The ETD control centre can be disabled upon starting even if it is totally removed from the laptop.

How to Remove ETD Control Center On Windows 10 PC

Following are the ways to remove or disable the ETD Control Center On Windows 10

Disabling Through Task Manager

You have the option of either disabling the software or having it completely uninstalled. You may now believe that you will require it in the future; in this case, it is preferable to disable it via the Task Manager.

As a result, it will still be available for you to enable if you choose to utilise it in the future.

ETD Control Center

It’s fine if you want it there, but it’s probably not a good idea if you plan on using a lot of your computer’s resources. It is recommended that you disable it by following the procedures below –

  • By using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, you can access the Task Manager.
  • Then proceed to the Startup section.
  • Look for the ETD Control Center here.
  • Simply right-click on it and select Disable from the menu.
  • Restart your computer now.

Uninstall The Program

You might want to delete it entirely at times. In that case, simply follow this procedure. Remember that uninstalling the ETDCtrl.exe file is simply like uninstalling any other software from your computer.

This is accomplished by using the Uninstall option found on every PC.

  • To get to the Control Panel, go to the Windows button and then to the Control Panel.
  • Keep an eye out for the programme schedule.
  • After that, keep an eye out for the ETD Control Center.
  • Here you must select the Uninstall option.
  • Then wait for the software to be uninstalled before restarting the computer.

Upgrade your drivers

When you delete the ETD control centre, your touchpad’s functioning will be affected. You could have trouble detecting a touchpad.

Then, in order to remedy the problem, you should update your touchpad at the same time.

To upgrade your drivers, you must take the following steps:

  • Look for the device manager in the start menu.
  • Now go to device manager and look for any mice or other pointing devices.
  • Then right-click on the EIAN touchpad.
  • Select Update Driver now.
  • For the driver, a software update is required. choose the option to search automatically

ETD Control Center

  • Wait a few seconds for the relevant driver to appear, then download it.
  • Allow some time for the driver to fully install in your system.

You will be able to use the default touchpad without any errors if you follow the procedures carefully and upgrade your drivers.

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