8 Best RAM Cleaners Software For Windows [2022]

Best RAM Cleaners Software

The best RAM cleaner programme for PC can help you clean up your computer’s RAM and boost its performance. We’ve compiled a list of the best ram cleaning applications for PC.


The boot-up time and operating efficiency were superior when your laptop was first installed. After a year, what happened? Why is it suddenly working at turtle speed? You must apply the best RAM cleanup for PC to reclaim your previous experience.


RAM is an important component of any computer. To free up RAM on Windows 10, you’ll need a RAM cleaning. Your Windows laptop’s RAM cleaner cleans unused data and hibernates unused applications. There are numerous RAM cleansers available on the internet. To achieve optimal efficiency, you should use the best RAM cleaner for PC or laptop.


What Is RAM?

The term RAM refers to random access memory. The purpose of RAM is to temporarily store information. It means that when the computer is turned off or a software is closed, the RAM memory is destroyed. Hard discs process data slower than RAM. That is why it is only used for short-term storage.


RAM is typically significantly smaller than a hard drive. Laptops with 1 TB hard drives and 8 GB RAM are common nowadays. If you use multiple programmes at the same time, temporary RAM storage will be full, and your laptop will slow down.


Installing a PC RAM cleaning on your laptop or personal computer is required to control RAM management. The question now is which RAM cleaning is better for PC. Learn about the best RAM cleaning for Windows 10 in this article.


Best RAM Cleaners Software For Windows

#1. RAM Saver Control Panel:



It is a free Windows RAM cleanup. It improves the performance of your laptop by cleaning the RAM. The interface of the RAM saver is identical to that of the control panel. It allows you to control the background app by allowing you to kill or sleep the app.


The RAM Saver control panel also includes a few more useful functions. Your computer can be optimised with only one click. It’s the most effective RAM optimizer for Windows 10. It monitors RAM processing and alerts the user when RAM is faulty or overloaded. You can change the benchmark settings to allow this software more access. It can hibernate all unused or infrequently used applications, which would optimise RAM performance.


The RAM saver’s user interface is comparable to the Windows Control Panel. As a result, using this tool is simple. This software may provide users with complete system information, including BIOS information, Windows version, RAM utilisation, total storage capacity, and other system-related information. This tool is available in over 20 languages, attracting a wide range of users.


#2. Advanced System Optimizer:



The best memory cleanser for Windows 10 is Advanced System Optimizer. The advanced system optimizer may remove up to 60% of RAM and provide the greatest user experience. This programme keeps track on RAM usage and deletes unnecessary memories. Advanced System Optimizer is a free RAM cleaning application.


Cache memory takes up a lot of RAM space; this tool detects its presence and either deletes it or asks for your permission to erase cache memory. This utility includes an advanced cleaning feature. With a single click, users can delete duplicate files, unneeded apps, lower quality or corrupted data, and temp files. By installing Advanced System Optimizer on their computer, users can reclaim their speedy working experience.


#3. Wise Memory Optimizer:



Wise Memory Optimizer for Windows 10 is a free memory optimizer. It depicts memory utilisation in a graphic manner. The memory consumed in RAM is shown via a pie chart. There is a button below that cleans the RAM of spent memory.


Wise Memory Optimizer is a separate programme that monitors and controls RAM usage. It has an automatic cleaning feature. When the RAM consumption exceeds the threshold limit, users can allow this software to clean it automatically. This feature gives Wise Memory Optimizer its own operating capacity.


This application is little in size. This cleaner’s efficiency is likewise exceptional. Users should use this fantastic tool at least once.


#4. Mz RAM Booster:



Mz RAM Booster is a RAM cleaning and booster for your computer. It removes the Futile memory from RAM and improves the performance of the CPU. As a result, the user will notice an increase in CPU performance. The graphical representation of RAM use is displayed by Mz RAM Booster. It is divided into seconds and milliseconds.


The graphical representation depicts RAM functionality in real time. Users can specify a maximum use limit. As a result, following this point, the auto-optimizing option is enabled. Users are not required to wipe RAM on a regular basis. This task can be done for the user via the auto optimising functionality.


Mz RAM Booster provides dedicated functionality for monitoring and scaling the computer’s RAM utilisation. Mz RAM Booster’s tasks can also improve front and background processes by improving the CPU. One of the greatest RAM cleansers for Windows 10 is Mz RAM Cleaner.


#5. Clean Mem:



Clean Mem is one of the best memory cleansers available for Windows 10. Users will have complete access to the RAM used by this software. Clean Mem enhances CPU processing while cleaning memory from RAM.


This utility is also best suited for PC due to certain special characteristics. It automatically starts the cleaner every 15 minutes to ensure ongoing monitoring and cleaning. To save more RAM, Clean Mem moves recently used files to the standby list.


Clean Mem comes in two flavours. One is for a fee, while the other is free. Some unique and advanced features are not available in the free edition. You must deal with the pop-up to upgrade to the premium version in the free version. This pop-up cannot be disabled.


#6. RAM Rush:



RAM Rush is an application for managing memory. This programme is more efficient due to the ongoing monitoring and improvement features. RAM Rush clears the computer’s cache memory, temporary files, and useless files. These apps include dedicated tools for managing memory leaks. This utility can help you resolve memory leaks.


The RAM Rush software might assist you recover from a system crash caused by a malfunction. It guards against system crashes and adds extra security against memory leaks.


This utility will ask for some permissions during installation. This permission aids in the management of RAM use. The RAM Rush tool puts the less used or underused application into hibernation. This programme is both costless and ad-free.


#7. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius:



This RAM cleaner is the finest for PCs and laptops. Tenorshare is built with sophisticated coding that helps free up memory in every region of the RAM. Tenorshare will reduce the boot time of the laptop by adjusting the settings and RAM memory.


This software includes an automatic cleaning and a CPU booster. It can clean after 30 minutes or the user can select the cleaning time restriction. This programme aids in the protection of the user’s browser history and other data.


Tenorshare has a highly user-friendly and clutter-free interface. This tool can be used by everyone, from beginners to experts. The feature arrangement is simple but effective. This software’s application and implementation are simple and meet the user’s expectations.


#8. iObit Cleaner:



It clears RAM memory by eliminating unnecessary files and temporary data. The automatic checking feature will inform the user of the RAM’s condition. To give a better working experience, this feature can also automatically erase files and hibernate some apps. This programme is available for free on all platforms.


Cleaning RAM is a simple one-click operation. This utility generates a list of apps based on their RAM utilisation. The interface was created with intermediate and advanced users in mind. Beginners may find it challenging to understand the capabilities and functionality of iObit cleaning.



RAM has a direct relationship with operating performance and boot time. The state of your RAM will affect the way your device works. It can cause the system to crash and the processor to malfunction. By eliminating cache, temp, and useless files, the best RAM cleaner for PCs and laptops will free up RAM space.


Furthermore, it saved RAM by putting several apps into sleep mode. RAM cleaner improves the health of RAM and speeds up the processing speed of your computer or laptop. These 8 RAM cleaners are the most well-reviewed and effective solutions for increasing RAM. Leave a comment below with the name of your favourite Windows ram cleaner.

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