How to Restart Graphics Driver in Windows 11

Restart Graphics Driver

This article explains how to rapidly reset or restart the graphics driver in Windows 11 for students and new users. Restart Graphics Driver If your Windows isn’t displaying anything on the screen when you turn it on or if you’re having display problems, Restart Graphics Driver you can quickly and easily restart the graphics drivers to fix the problem.

NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel graphics cards may all have their graphics drivers reset. Restart Graphics Driver Windows will flicker and go blank for a second or two after you restart your graphics drivers, and a beep will sound.

This will restart and reset the graphics driver, and will, in most situations, resolve common issues without requiring the computer to be restarted.

Make sure your computer is turned on before attempting to restart the driver or reboot. Restart Graphics Driver In rare circumstances, you may be unaware that your computer has been shut off.

How to reset the graphics drivers in Windows 11

  • As previously stated, Windows allows users to restart the graphics drivers fast and efficiently to remedy frequent issues.
  • However, before you begin troubleshooting, double-check that your computer is turned on. To make sure your computer is turned on, follow the steps below.

Check whether the status light for the CapsLock or NumLock key on your keyboard turns on by pressing the key. The computer is on but the screen or connection to the display isn’t working if the CapsLock or NumLock keys light up Restart Graphics Driver.

To restart or reset the display drivers, press the Windows key + CTRL + SHIFT + B keys with the keyboard light on.

When you’re finished, your Windows screen will appear, and hopefully the problems will be resolved without the need for a reboot.


This article demonstrated how to restart or reset the display drivers in Windows. Please use the comment form below if you identify any errors or have anything to add.

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