How to play

play is a very simple browser game with the concept “Survival of the Fittest” as its main theme. play To begin playing, navigate to the address bar and select a username. Then you’ll land on a board or grid that looks like a coloured blob.

Your primary goal will be to swallow other pellets, as you would otherwise be consumed by larger blobs. play You must take advantage of the weaker blobs in order to expand. The more you mature, the more powerful you become. You should, however, be on the alert for larger cells that will attempt to swallow you. Regardless of how big you are, once you’ve been devoured, it’s game over for you.

The game’s controls are quite basic. You’ll need a mouse or trackpad, as well as the SPACEBAR and a working ‘W’ key. You can move your blob around by pressing the spacebar. You can unleash mass for viruses by pressing the W key. This key also allows you to shed weight and gain heft in order to feed other players. Remember that the smaller you are, the faster you can move but the less powerful you are. You can divide your cells in half using the Spacebar.


Game Mechanics’s most appealing feature is that it has an internet component. As a result, the game is extremely addictive. Even though is a fun and straightforward game to play, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Basic Mechanics

  • You can only eat blobs that are smaller than you. The more food you consume, the larger you become.
  • Smaller blobs move significantly more quickly than larger blobs. This makes catching smaller blobs more difficult for larger blobs.
  • By using the Spacebar key, you can split-send half of your mass to a blob.
  • You must be 25% larger than another blob in order to eat it.
  • You can release some mass towards the direction you’re going by pressing the ‘W’ key. play This both improves your speed and feeds viruses.
  • You can only split into sixteen blobs at a time.
  • The highest score you received during the current round will be used to calculate your overall score.


  • They’re spikey and green. Viruses cause larger blobs to explode into many smaller bits when they come into contact with them. As a result, play you must be careful of viruses, particularly if your mass exceeds 150.
  • You can hide inside viruses if your size is less than 130. This is an effective protection against larger blobs.
  • By pressing W, viruses are fed. You can grow a virus in the direction you were feeding it if you feed it more than 7 times.
  • If your opponent is spreading a virus in your direction, you might retaliate by spreading the infection in the opposite direction. This will break up his/her blob into tiny bits, which you can eat.

You can view the size of your blob and how much mass you’re losing as you play the game at some point. To use this feature, you must first reach a particular size.

Game Modes

There are three game modes in Free-For-All, Teams, and Experimental. The original or classic game mode is Free-For-All. It is the foundation upon which all other modes are built. You can choose to play as a normal blob or with a custom skin and name. A leaderboard is also available, which displays the largest blob on the current map.

Players in Team mode are assigned one of three colours: Red, Green, or Blue. Any blobs that are the same hue as you are on your team. All of the additional colours are now available for consumption.’s experimental mode is the most recent mode. It allows the developer to experiment with new mechanisms and features, therefore players may encounter strange and novel mechanics while in this mode. Depending on the input, the developer may add or delete features, as well as create a new mode play

Skins and Names


There are various skins available in the game that are ideal for players from all over the world. Country flag skins, steam icons, floating doges, and more are available. The background of your blob will be unique depending on your skin pick. Before you may use a skin in the game, you must first change the name of your blob to a specific phrase.

Although skins have no influence on gameplay, some players use them to identify their opponents. play While playing the game, you are unable to use a custom name. If you want your skin to look like the world, for example, you must call your blob ‘Earth.’

General Tips

You should either eat or be eaten in The jungle’s rules are highly appropriate here. However, it is not always the strong who win, but rather the clever. Here are a few pointers that might be useful:

  • If you’re a tiny business, take advantage of viruses. Viruses only affect blobs larger than 150, so if you’re small, they’re your best buddy. Your adversary’s enemy is your friend.
  • Trap your opponents with corners and edges. You can corner and swallow smaller blobs because they are so rapidly.
  • When you need to hunt and you’re big, split up. Because larger blobs move slowly, hunting them can be difficult. Use the divide-and-conquer strategy.
  • To split your opponents, feed viruses in their direction.
  • Keep a look out for blobs that might absorb you if they split. Run away from the map’s largest lumps.
  • Knowing when to divide is essential. You will miss your aim if you split when you are further away from your opponent.
  • If you’re under 150 pounds, stay away from viruses at all costs.
  • If necessary, feed your teammates in Team mode. If you witness a teammate attempting to consume a blob but failing owing to the 25% rule, press W to feed him/her.
  • All for one and one for all. When your colleagues are in danger, assist them. When they’re being chased by larger blobs, feed them or remain out of their way.
  • Finally, if you’re about 200 pounds, dividing into more than two cells makes you more vulnerable.

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