How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 11

Install VirtualBox

In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily install VirtualBox on Windows 11.

VirtualBox is a powerful virtualization programme that works with AMD 64-bit, Intel 64-bit, and x86 processor architectures. This virtualization software can be used by both businesses and people at home. It is released under an open-source licence, which means that anyone can use it for free and not have to pay a dime.

When you install the VirtualBox programme on your Windows computer, you may use it to create numerous independent guest machines, each with its own operating system, without any additional physical hardware or support. This programme is ideal for system administrators and power users who want to run several guest operating systems without having to add new hardware.

Power users can create additional virtual computers inside VirtualBox to run Mac OS, Linux, and Windows 11 without the requirement for three different computers when you install VirtualBox virtualization in Windows 11.

VirtualBox will be ready to install and use when Windows 11 is released later this year. Many new features and additions will be included in Windows 11, including a revamped user desktop, a center-aligned Start menu and taskbar, rounded-corner windows, themes and colours, and more, as well as the ability to integrate and use VirtualBox software.

The steps to install VirtualBox on Windows 11 are outlined here.

How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 11

Hardware Visualization must be enabled on the host machine for VirtualBox virtualization to work. This capability is available on most modern computers, although it can be disabled in the BIOS. You may need to reboot into the system BIOS and enable Virtualization Technology (VTx) in the BIOS settings.

Log back into Windows after enabling hardware virtualization and download the most recent version of VirtualBox software for Windows from the link below.

When you run the installer, a wizard will display to guide you through the installation process. On the Welcome setup wizard page, click Next to start the installation wizard.

Install VirtualBox

You’ve arrived at the custom setup window, where you may pick and choose whatever VirtualBox features you want to use. Finally, you can see that it will install VirtualBox on drive C; if you want to alter this, simply modify it to a different location.

To continue with the setup, click Next when you’re ready.

Install VirtualBox

On the next page, select Yes when prompted to install VirtualBox networking functionality. Your network connections will be briefly affected if you choose yes.

Install VirtualBox

Now choose Yes. If you select yes, your network connections will be temporarily disrupted.

Then proceed with the setup.

Install VirtualBox

When you’re ready, click Install to begin the process.

Install VirtualBox

Do you have VirtualBox installed on Windows 11? If this is the case, click install; if it isn’t, go back and double-check before reinstalling.

Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox will start up and be ready to use right away. Right now, you can start creating virtual machines.

Install VirtualBox

Install VirtualBox Extension Pack

You should install the VirtualBox extension pack after installing VirtualBox as indicated above. The extension pack is available from the same download page as before.

Now, save the file to your desktop. Then navigate to Preferences ==> Extensions in VirtualBox.

Install VirtualBox

You can also start the installation of VirtualBox extension packages by double-clicking the downloaded bundle.

To install it, go to this page and click the Install button.

Install VirtualBox

The VirtualBox extension pack adds to the original package’s features. It enhances VirtualBox with the following features:

  • EHCI device (virtual USB 2.0)
  • Device with USB 3.0 (xHCI) virtualization
  • Support for the VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VRDP)
  • Passthrough webcam Intel PXE boot ROM host.
  • Support for PCI passthrough on Linux systems is still experimental.
  • The AES technique is used to encrypt disc images.


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