How to Get HBO Max 5-Day Free Trial


In 2021, streaming services will be more widely used than ever. Given how much time we are all spending at home due to the epidemic, it is not at all surprising.

HBO Max is among the top services available. You should absolutely give it a try if you haven’t already. You may choose from more than 2,000 movies and 500 TV series, and it also offers Warner Bros. 2021 movie releases on the same day as theatres!

The good news is that you may give it a try with no cost!

HBO or HBO Max? What’s the difference?

I am aware that initially it seems unclear. However, you’ll be able to tell the difference between them in a matter of seconds because HBO Max is simply HBO upgraded.


You can access all of HBO’s content, plus much more, with HBO Max (blockbuster movies and Max Originals). HBO Max would cost more, though, of course. And this guide seeks to gain you free access to HBO Max.

How to get HBO Max for free or cheaper

HBO experienced a massive increase in users in 2021 as a result of the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League. And this may be a factor in HBO “axing” the free trial. Therefore, HBO Max no longer formally offers free trials at this time.

But fear not—there are still some strategies you may employ to take advantage of this deal.

1. Get a free 5-day trial of HBO Max with DirecTV.

There are now 2 DirecTV-branded TV services: DirecTV and DirecTV Stream, thanks to AT&T’s early 2022 spinoff of the DirecTV brand into a new firm.


Simply said, DirecTV is satellite TV with a contract, but DirecTV Stream is a more flexible internet service that you can set up on your own and doesn’t require a commitment. Additionally, a 5-day free trial of DirecTV Stream is now available, and it offers a wide range of streaming services like HBO Max, Starz, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

2. Use Hulu to get free HBO Max.

You can add-on other streaming services to Hulu as a package. CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and HBO Max are the available add-ons. You can combine your plan with an HBO-Max add-on after your Hulu free trial has begun. By doing this, you receive a month of Hulu in addition to a free week of HBO Max.


Make sure to download the HBO Max app to your phone because some content may only appear there. Your Hulu login gives you full access to the HBO Max app and website during your free trial. Make sure to cancel your subscription after the trial period if you only want the free period. In case you decide to change your mind, though, look into the Hulu discount codes first.

Give Coupert a try if you’re sick of looking for coupon codes. It is a browser add-on that notifies you when discounts are offered for the website you’re viewing. Hulu and HBO are included, of course.

  • To receive all Hulu promo codes, simply add Coupert to your browser.


  • First, add Coupert to your browser to see all Hulu discount codes.


3. Free 30-day trial to HBO Max with AT&T

HBO Max is owned by AT&T, and some AT&T plans include free HBO Max for an indeterminate amount of time, so you can use HBO Max as long as you stick with the same plan. Check out the specials and think about signing up for an AT&T plan (beginning at $50/mo. with free HBO Max).

Check to see whether you qualify for this offer if you already use AT&T.


There are further methods to save on your HBO Max subscription if you decide to maintain it after the free trial period. Everyone is aware that the commercial plan allows for a $5 save. However, you may also see whether you already subscribe to any cord-cutting services like Hulu, YouTube TV, or Prime Video that can be bundled with HBO Max. Don’t forget to investigate if you can negotiate a cheaper price with your Internet service provider.

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