How To Fix Valorant Not Launching On Windows 10 PC Error (2022)

Valorant Not Launching On Windows

This post will teach you the top eight methods for resolving the “Valorant Not Launching On Windows PC” bug. First, we’ll show you how to use the most successful way! As soon as possible, update your graphics drivers. The action has aided a large number of users in resolving the problem. As a result, you can give it a shot. You never know if it will be beneficial to you as well!

This post is for you if you are a huge Valorant fan who is having trouble with the aggravating “Valorant not opening on Windows 10” problem. But first, let’s look at why Valorant isn’t operating on PC before moving on to the ultimate fixes that can help you fix the problem.

What Does Valorant Couldn’t Start Error Means

If you get the message “Valorant not launching no error,” it implies the app can’t start because of a software bug, a launcher bug, a conflict with another app or game, or because you’re logged in with your Valorant account from another device. Furthermore, the issue may happen if your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card has been overclocked. It’s possible that a glitch in the Vanguard anti-cheat mechanism is causing the problem.

But don’t panic; the mistake is straightforward to resolve, and it may even go away after a restart. Continue reading if you’re seeking for more advanced strategies to assist you effectively diagnose the problem.

How Do I Fix Valorant Not Launching On Windows PC Error

The following are some of the possible solutions to the ‘Valorant not launching error’ that you can easily implement.

1. Close Other Apps or Games

Several users have stated that removing superfluous background games and applications enabled them to resolve the problem. As a result, you can attempt the following: Simply open Task Manager and begin closing the programme from there.

We closed the League Of Legends app and then opened the Valorant game to enjoy a flawless experience while working with this strategy.

2. Ensure You Fulfil Minimum Requirements For Playing Valorant

High-end specs are required to operate games like Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. As a result, make sure your computer/laptop fulfils the following specifications so you may enjoy lag-free gaming, as well as avoid bothersome errors.

3. Log Out From Your Valorant Account From Other Devices

If you’re playing Valorant on other devices, make sure you sign out using your Valorant game account to resolve the problem. Try re-launching the Valorant game as soon as you log out to check if the ‘Valorant not launching on Windows PC’ bug is resolved.

4. Update Your Graphics Driver

One of the most typical FIXes for getting rid of all the potential Valorant issues is to replace your existing old, malfunctioning, or incompatible graphic card driver. Not only that, but keeping your graphics and other device drivers up to date is essential for effective hardware and software operation.

You may download, install, and update graphics drivers on your Windows PC in a variety of methods. The best and most effective method, however, is to:

  • Graphics driver is being downloaded from the official device manufacturer’s website.
  • Manually installing the driver with Device Manager.
  • Driver Updater Software is used to automatically install drivers.

If you wish to update graphics drivers automatically, we recommend using a reputable programme like Driver Easy.

Valorant Not Launching On Windows

It is one of the Best Driver Updater Software that assists users in quickly locating and replacing outdated drivers with the most compatible and up-to-date versions available from reliable sources. It does a quick and thorough scan to identify all of the drivers that require immediate attention, and you can update them with just a few clicks.

5. Run Valorant Game In Compatibility Mode

Running the Valorant game in Compatibility mode might sometimes assist players in resolving the ‘Valorant not launching on Windows PC’ issue. To discover how to do it, follow the steps outlined below.

STEP 1 = Right-click on the Valorant icon to bring up the context menu and select Properties.

STEP 2 = Go to the Compatibility tab in the Valorant Properties pop-up window and check the option next to: As an administrator, run this programme

Make sure you also choose the following option: FullScreen Optimizations are disabled.

Valorant Not Launching On Windows

To put the new changes into effect, press the Apply button first, then the OK button. Try running the game as soon as it’s finished to see if it fixes the ‘Valorant not working’ problem on Windows 10.

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