How to Fix “Unable to Connect to Chat” Error in Google Chat

From time to time, applications become stuck in their normal operation. Unable to Connect to Chat The excessive strain of cache and other memory saved by those apps on the system may cause them to slow down, resulting in a temporary error (s). The issue could be due to the app’s unavailability or trouble connecting to it.

Google Chat is one of the applications that can occasionally cause such an error. Unable to Connect to Chat The app would launch but be unable to connect to any of the chats. The good news is that this is only a temporary issue that can be easily resolved. Here’s how to do it.

Clearing Data from the Google Chat Site in Chrome

  • In your browser, go to and click the ‘lock icon’ in the far-left of the URL bar.

Unable to Connect to Chat

  • Click the ‘Site Settings’ option at the bottom of the drop-down box that appears Unable to Connect to Chat.

Unable to Connect to Chat

  • A new ‘Settings’ tab will now appear. In the Usage section, click the ‘Clear Data’ button.

Unable to Connect to Chat

  • A dialogue box will appear asking for permission. To complete the cache/cookie deleting process, Unable to Connect to Chat use the ‘Clear’ option.

Unable to Connect to Chat

  • This will delete all Google Chats-related cookies and data. Once you’ve erased the site data, the ‘No usage data’ text under the Usage section will confirm this Unable to Connect to Chat.

Unable to Connect to Chat

Deleting Google Chat Site Cookies and Cache in Edge

Go to in Edge and click on the ‘lock icon’ at the beginning of the URL bar to open Google Chat.

Click the ‘Cookies’ option under the ‘Permissions For This Site’ part of the dialogue box that displays.

On the page, a ‘Cookies in Use’ dialogue box would appear. Select ‘,’ then ‘Remove’ and ‘Done’ to close the box.

Remove cookies from all of the sites listed in the box in the same way. and Unable to Connect to Chatcom, for example.

In Edge, clear the cookies and cache for all websites.

If the following procedure does not resolve the “Unable to connect” error in Google Chat, go to the extreme and delete all cookies and cache for all domains in the browser.

Open your Edge browser and select the three horizontal dots in the window’s extreme right corner.

Select ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the drop-down list.

Look to the left of the margin on the Settings page for the ‘Privacy, Search, and Services’ option.

The ‘Clear browsing data’ area may be found on the right side of the ‘Privacy, Search, and Service’ page. On the ‘Clear Browsing Data Now’ line, click the ‘Choose What to Clear’ button.

(Click the arrow below “Choose what to clear” if you want to clear the chats’ cache and other data every time you close the app.

A box called “Clear Browsing Data” would pop up. If you’ve used Google Chat in the last hour, Unable to Connect to Chat don’t change the time range. But if you’ve used it longer than that, click the down arrow in the “Time Range” box and pick the option you want.

Once that’s done, make sure the “Cookies” and “Cache” boxes are checked before clicking the “Clear Now” button at the bottom left of the dialogue box.

All Google Chats cookies will now be deleted, along with other information about Google. You will no longer be able to use Google Chat. Sign in again to quickly get back to Chat.

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