How to Fix No Route Error in Discord

Most users face problems and difficulties due to the No Route error in Discord while connecting to discord voice channels. In gaming, you must know what steps you have to follow to fix no route error discord, and now is one, and a half-decade since discord has started serving the gamers, and it is good and reliable whenever it comes to VoIP. It’s just a fact which is free and has great reliability. It is because of the most amazing gaming community.

Like all other applications, the discord had faced many issues and difficulties with discord no route error, one of those issues faced by many gamers. This No route error is very much similar to the stuck RTC connecting errors. It happens because discord has been stopped whenever it tries to connect to the voice server. The error is often caused by antivirus software or Windows firewall preventing discord just getting proper accessibility of the outgoing connection, which is the most important thing.

How to Fix No Route Error in Discord

Method 1 : The internet Modem/ Router should be restarted

One of the simplest and easiest ways is restarting your router properly to troubleshoot the “No Route Error” in discord. Thus, you can check whether your ISP causes the problem or its computer or PC configuration after starting your router you will be able to get to know the problem.

Step 1: Wait for the turning off of lights properly after clicking on your router’s power button.

Step 2: Then, your router should be unplugged from the power outlet.

Step 3: Now at least for 5-10 seconds, press and hold the power button.

Step 4: After that plug in your router in the proper way.

Step 5: Now just turn on your router and then try to connect to the discord voice server and just see appropriately if the issue is solved or not and after that, if the issue is not solved then the problem is in your PC settings and not in the router.

Method 2: Now go to Discord’s settings and disable QoS

There are some cases in which your computer or PC may not keep up with a high package quality of services on discord, resulting in No route errors.

Step 1: Firstly, open Discord.

Step 2: Now, just tap on the settings icon.

Step 3: Then, after that, scroll down to the side menu and then find voice and video.

Step 4: Now on voice and video settings find “enable quality service high packet priority”.

Step 5: Now tap on the switch and then make sure that it is turned off or not.

Step 6: Now just restart discord and just look If the no route error has been fixed properly.

Method 3:

Several discord users reported that flushing in DNS and renewing your IP could be fixed or solve the problem of no route error on discord. You will only require to perform this procedure most of the time, and the error would solve adequately.

But then also some users experienced the requirement to perform DNS flush sometimes to solve error issues.

Step 1: Click on the windows key + 5 and look for the command prompt.

Step 2: Now just right tap on the command prompt and select Run as administrator.

Step 3: After that on the command prompt write ipconfig/ release and then select enter.

Step 4: Now, Type ipconfig/ flushdns after releasing your IP address and press enter.

Step 5: Then, press the enter button after DNS type ipconfig/ renew.

Step 6: Now restart your PC or computer, connect to the discord voice server and check carefully if the no routes error is fixed.

Method 4: Use Google DNS server

Step 1: Firstly click on the windows key + S and search for network search.

Step 2: Now open network statues.

Step 3: Now, find change adapter options on the network status.

Step 4: Now, select properties carefully after a right-click on your network adapter.

Step 5: After that, find internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) on Ethernet properties.

Step 6: Tap on properties.

Step 7: Now on IPc4 properties and click on the use the DNS server is as follows:

  • Google’ a DNS server
  • Alternate DNS server

There are different causes of discord, no route error, and there is just not a particular reason causing error issues. However, other user reports that few scenarios have caused no route errors.

So the following are some common reasons and causes for these errors:

  • Discord will not be able to connect with an external server if you have an antivirus running or a third party farewell.
  • Also, if the IP address typically dynamic assigned has changed, the system resources may get stuck and cause the no route error.
  • The discord may be blocked or be restricted on the network if you are using it to access it.
  • Sometimes your region might not be compatible, and if you try to connect the server located on another continent, you can face error issues.
  • You can utilise a VPN and discord will only work with a VPN that has been designed with UDP user datagram protocol.


What is the meaning of No Route in discord?

It can become a big issue whenever you try to connect to any type of service on Linux and discord no route error. And in simple words, the no discord routes mean that your network connection cannot connect to the voice server and this problem might come because of firewall, dropouts, etc.

Is discord safe?

Here you have a degree of control on who is messaging you, so discord is said to be secure and safe in simple words. Then the content you want to see in your server and image safety is all under your control, and on your own, discord is safe, and discord is for the age above 13, and if your kid is under this age, you should keep an eye on them appropriately. The kids should use this app when they are mature enough to understand this app.


With the above information’s help, you can quickly get to know the best and simple solution to eliminate no route discord errors. This problem might come because of network issues, which means that you will not use the voice server properly. So in this article, you will understand what type of steps you should take and follow if you face this kind of issues of discord and find a proper solution.

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