How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

Duplicate photographs are inconvenient since they take up valuable storage space and clutter up our gadgets. Instagram users have occasionally discovered duplicate photographs in their albums that were produced by Instagram. Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos This could be caused by an issue with Instagram’s autosaving settings.

So, if you’re wondering how to delete identical Instagram photographs without causing too much trouble, keep reading.

How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

In the section below, we’ll walk you through two techniques for deleting similar Instagram photographs, one using your computer and the other using your smartphone.

Method 1. Delete duplicate Instagram photos via PC using Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is a simple programme that can be installed on your desktop or laptop to eliminate Instagram duplicate photographs from your phone’s gallery. Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos The advantage of utilising a computer to erase photographs is that you may use the same procedure to eliminate duplicates from various phones. But first, let’s take a closer look at this instrument.

Steps to Find and Remove duplicate Instagram photos with EDF

Using the Easy Duplicate Finder Windows programme, follow the instructions below to erase duplicate photographs taken by Instagram on your smartphone via your Windows PC.

  • First and foremost, go to the link below and download Easy Duplicate Finder.
  • Connect your smartphone to your Windows PC after that. It will be identified as a separate device.
  • After that, select “Start Scan” from the drop-down menu Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos.

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • This will lead you to the next screen, where you can select “Advanced” and push the “Start Scan” button once more.

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • To open File Explorer on your Windows PC, press Win + E.
  • Navigate through the path listed below to find the relevant folder:

Smartphone Name (from left pane) > Internal Storage > DCIM > Instagram folder

  • Next, drag and drop the duplicate Instagram photo folder onto the Easy Duplicate Finder app interface’s left pane (Include Folder).
  • Click the “Start Scan” button once more Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos.

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • The scanning will take only a few seconds, after which you will be given two options: “Auto Remove” and “Manual Review.”

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • To get rid of identical Instagram photographs, click “Auto Remove” with confidence.
  • You can use the “Manual Review” option to see a preview of the results. All of the search results will be automatically tagged.
  • Furthermore, all you have to do is tap the “Delete” symbol on your smartphone to delete the duplicates. You can also delete files by clicking the “Edit” icon.

That concludes our discussion. You can now close the app and the duplicate Instagram photographs will no longer disturb you when you return to your phone.

About Easy Duplicate Finder:

Webminds, Inc.’s Easy Duplicate Finder is a fantastic duplicate file finder for Windows, Mac, and the cloud. It can delete duplicate files to free up hard disc space and speed up your system.

It can effectively eliminate duplicates from a hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD). This tool features an easy-to-use interface and intelligent technologies for deleting duplicate photos, music files, videos, emails, and documents. The following are some of the app’s amazing features:

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • There are two scan modes available: one for simple direct scanning and the other for complex scanning.
  • Because the app is DL Certified, it is safe to download Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos.
  • The utility is available in two versions: free and premium. A seven-day trial period is included with the premium version.
  • It can delete duplicates from Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes, iPhoto, and other cloud storage services.
  • It works with Windows XP all the way up to Windows 11.
  • A folder comparison mode is available.
  • It can distinguish between identical photographs depending on file type, size, and even extension.
  • Allows you to scan folders without them being scanned.
  • Allows users to examine, amend, or delete results, giving them more control.
  • You can also use the undo feature to retrieve files that were mistakenly erased.

Method 2. Delete Duplicate Instagram Images Directly from the Phone

You can do this by downloading a duplicate file removal programme for your Android phone. Duplicate Files Fixer is a strong programme that works on a variety of platforms.

It’s a one-stop shop for removing duplicate images, music files, videos, and other things from your smartphone. Here’s how to use it to delete identical Instagram photographs from your phone immediately.

  • Install the app on your Android smartphone by going to the Google Play Store.
  • After that, open the app, select “Scan Pictures,” and then select “Scan Now.”

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • You can also see a preview of the results, with duplicates automatically noted.

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

  • Then press the “Delete Now” button.

Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

Conclusion On How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos

So now you know why we have a problem with image duplication due to Instagram. You’ve also learned how to use the Easy Duplicate Finder programme on your PC to automatically delete duplicate Instagram photographs from your phone’s gallery.

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