How to Connect to Ubuntu Linux from Windows 11

Ubuntu Linux from Windows

This tutorial demonstrates students and new users how to use xrdp to connect from Windows 11 to Ubuntu Linux and set up a Remote Desktop Ubuntu Linux from Windows Connection (RDP) session.

The Remote Desktop Protocol is the primary means to remotely connect to another machine in a Windows environment (RDP). Thanks to xrdp, RDP is no longer limited to solely Windows environments.

On Linux systems, especially Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu Linux from Windows xrdp is an open source implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) Ubuntu Linux from Windows. It uses RDP protocols to offer graphical login to distant systems.

Additionally, xrdp supports two-way clipboard transfer, audio and disc redirection, and accepts connections from a variety of RDP clients, including FreeRDP, rdesktop, NeutrinoRDP, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.

xrdp is the tool to use in this scenario for students and new users who are running Ubuntu desktop and want to connect to it via RDP.

Visit the xrdp webpage for additional information.

Follow the instructions below to get started installing and configuring xrdp on Ubuntu:

How to install xrdp on Ubuntu

xrdp works on desktop systems. You won’t be able to connect to computers that don’t have a desktop. On Ubuntu servers, you must install a desktop environment before using xrdp.

xrdp is available in Ubuntu default repositories. You don’t have to add more repositories to install. To set it up, just type the commands below into the terminal.

Run the commands below after installation to make sure it is set up and running.

You should get a result like the one shown below:

  • xrdp.service – xrdp daemon
  • Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/xrdp.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
  • Active: running since Sun, June 13, 2021, at 9:43:03 CDT, or 1 minute and 53 seconds ago
  • Docs: man:xrdp(8)
  • man:xrdp.ini(5)
  • Main PID: 37933 (xrdp)
  • Tasks: 1 (limit: 4653)
  • 1.1M bytes
  • C
  • Group: /system.slice/xrdp.service 37933 /usr/bin/xrdp
  • Jun 13 09:43:02 ubuntu2004 xrdp[37932]: (37932)(139757869672256)[INFO] address [] port>
  • Jun 13 09:43:02 ubuntu2004 xrdp: (37932)(139757869672256)[INFO] listening on port 3389>

How to configure xrdp on Ubuntu

Now that xrdp is installed on Ubuntu, set it up so that connections can be made without number problems.

First, add the ssl-cert certificate key file groups to the xrdp user account. By default, xrdp uses the file /etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key, which only users in the “ssl-cert” group can read.

When connecting to Ubuntu via remote desktop, the ssl-cert key file is very important.

Next, add these lines to the xrdp startup script to help users who are seeing black backgrounds on their screens.

Add these lines to the end of the file, and then save.

Make sure you don’t have a firewall running that is blocking port 3389.

Change the subnet that is underlined to your own.

Stop using Ubuntu. Make sure you’re not already Ubuntu Linux from Windows logged in to Ubuntu when you try to connect via Remote Desktop Connection. You can’t be logged in to Ubuntu at the same time as an RDP connection.

Ubuntu Linux from Windows

How to connect to Ubuntu from Windows 11

  • Now try connecting to Ubuntu using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Ubuntu Linux from Windows.

Ubuntu Linux from Windows

  • Click Yes when asked if you want to accept the certificate Ubuntu Linux from Windows.

Ubuntu Linux from Windows

  • Type in your Ubuntu username and password.

Ubuntu Linux from Windows

  • All done!

Ubuntu Linux from Windows


This post showed you how to install and set up xrdp to connect to Ubuntu’s desktop remotely. Ubuntu Linux from Windows If you find a mistake, please let us know through the comment form below.

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