10 Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows in 2022

Best Free Spreadsheet Software

We used to jot down every task on paper before the spreadsheet. However, we can now easily store our to-do lists and other work-related information using free spreadsheet software.


The availability of free spreadsheet tools has simplified matters significantly. Nothing is impossible to track with spreadsheet software.


Spreadsheet programmes have progressed from simple calculators and tables to complex tools capable of managing large amounts of data throughout the years.


There are numerous free spreadsheet programmes available nowadays. You can use that software to jot down work-related notes and easily share them with your coworkers. Spreadsheets are used in almost every firm to allocate work, compute figures, keep track of data, and perform a variety of other tasks.


You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for free spreadsheet software for Windows. We’ve compiled a list of the top spreadsheet tools for you to utilise at work.


The Best Free Spreadsheet Software of 2022


1. Google Sheets



Let’s begin with Google Sheets, which is the greatest free spreadsheet software currently available. You must have a Google account to use this tool. You only need to login in to your Google account and use the spreadsheet.


Google Sheets resembles Microsoft Excel not just in appearance but also in functionality. The best part of Google Sheets is that you can work in real time while keeping others updated on the file.


It also allows you to see who else is using the Sheets except you. Many logical and mathematical functions are included to make your work easier. Google Sheets is popular because it is straightforward and easy to use.


You can use your Google account to access the software instead of downloading it. This means you can access and utilise the tool from any device. Google Sheets also provides 15GB of free storage.

Another advantage of Google Sheets is that it is strongly connected with all of Google’s other applications. Google Data Studio, Google Forms, and Google Analytics are all included. These are the features that make working with Google Sheets more convenient.


Pivot tables, sparkline charts, and conditional formatting are all useful features. A few Google-specific functions, such as Google Finance and Google Translate, are also available.


You can simply build a variety of graphs and charts with this free programme and update them in real time. It also allows you to view the history of your spreadsheet, so you can keep track of changes and revert them if necessary.



#2. Microsoft Excel



Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and oldest spreadsheet programmes on the market. It is a powerful programme that can handle enormous data sets.


It has been the greatest free spreadsheet for Windows 10 for years. Despite stiff competition from Google Sheets and others, Microsoft Excel remains the market leader. For years, it has been the standard spreadsheet software for all Windows users.


The first version of Microsoft Excel was released in 1987. It was later included as a significant component of the Microsoft Office suite in 1995. The Excel spreadsheet comprises around 17,179,869,184 cells. It also has a number of other features that make your job easier.


Excel’s UI is one of its strongest features. It is so simple to use that it is even taught in schools to pupils. Even if you are a complete novice, you will quickly learn how to use it.


Excel spreadsheets provide filters that make it easier to manage large data sets. You can also add a customisable access toolbar to it. It outperforms any other free spreadsheet applications in terms of features and functions.


Excel should be used when dealing with large amounts of data. It will better manage your data than other tools.


Index Match is one of the features that allows you separate records from a vast range. The filters can be used to organise the data and make it easier to deal with.


Pivot tables and conditional formatting are two other notable features. Using Visual Basic for Applications, you may effortlessly record macros in Excel and speed up the workflow.


Microsoft has modified Excel’s design throughout time to make it more user-friendly. You can pin critical functions that you use frequently to the Quick Access toolbar.


#3. Apple Numbers



If you’re an Apple user looking for the finest free spreadsheet software, Apple Numbers is a good option. The good news is that it comes pre-installed on your Mac, so you won’t have to download it separately.


The fact that Apple Numbers has a modern, clear interface makes it the greatest spreadsheet programme. It is also simple and convenient to use. Apple Numbers, unlike Excel, has an infinite blank canvas. It gives you the freedom to set tables wherever and however you choose.


To save time, it provides a set of ready-to-use templates. You can easily complete basic tasks by using these templates. However, Numbers is incapable of handling big data sets. It also lacks data analysis features.


It has attractive graphics that make it more appealing to look at. It is not one of those programmes that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It can only be used with Apple devices. You can’t utilise Numbers unless you have a Mac.


It has filters that might help you detect duplicate or unique values in your spreadsheet data. Not only that, but your spreadsheet may also be shared with your coworkers.


It also allows you to analyse data using pivot tables and radar charts. Numbers does not have a premium edition, unlike many other spreadsheet programmes. For Apple users, it is absolutely free to use.


#4. Zoho Sheets



Zoho Sheets comes in second on our list of the best free spreadsheet tools. For those seeking for a cloud-based spreadsheet application, this is an excellent option. Zoho Sheets lets you conserve space on your computer.


It comes with over 350 essential features, making it an excellent choice for users. It’s user-friendly software with features like data validation, conditional formatting, and pivot tables.


The fact that Zoho Sheets is multilingual is an advantage. It supports 23 different languages, allowing users to work in the language of their choice. This capability is extremely useful when working with international clientele.


Another advantage of Zoho is that it offers both a free and premium version. The free plan comes with 5GB of storage and can accommodate up to 25 users. The paid subscription, on the other hand, is only $4 per user per month.


Zoho Sheets is one of the most capable spreadsheet apps available, with over 350 functions. It has a feature called Deluge that allows you to develop custom functions for your spreadsheets without having to know how to code.


You may use VBA and even record macros with Zoho. You can create and distribute your form online using the drag and drop feature.


The Share menu also allows for real-time collaboration. You and your coworkers can discuss the current assignment in the chatbox.


With Zoho Sheets, there’s nothing you can’t do. Consider upgrading to the subscription plan so that you can take advantage of all of the features and operate more efficiently.


#5. Quip



Another excellent free spreadsheet for Windows 10 is Quip. It’s a one-of-a-kind programme that combines the functions of a spreadsheet and a chat programme.


It implies that you can converse with people while using the instrument. This manner, you may keep your coworkers informed about your editing efforts.


Quip was first introduced in 2012. It has evolved into a sophisticated spreadsheet tool for users throughout time. Salesforce purchased the company in 2016.


Quip’s ability to flip between documents while working is one of its strongest features. It also has a number of shortcuts that allow users to access information quickly.


It has around 400 functions, each of which is beneficial in some way. Quip is a user-friendly spreadsheet tool that you should consider.


It’s a powerful productivity tool with a lot of options. The clean interface makes it much easier to use. Unfortunately, the user interface cannot be customised. To compensate, practically all menu items include keyboard shortcuts.


It allows you to quickly generate charts and graphs. Simply choose a date range and then press the Insert and Chart buttons.


It stands out from other free apps because of its advanced collaborative features. Spreadsheets can be readily integrated into other Quip papers. This feature is not available in Google Sheets.


#6. EtherCalc



If you’re looking for web-based spreadsheet software, you should look into EtherCalc. It’s a simple spreadsheet programme with all of the functionality you’ll need. It can effortlessly complete all of your responsibilities.


This is a web-based spreadsheet programme that is available for free. Unlike other spreadsheet programmes, it does not require installation on your computer. It may be used in your web browser without taking up any disc space.


You can make as many spreadsheets as you like with this software. Each spreadsheet will have its own unique URL that may be shared with others.


EtherCalc is one of the oldest spreadsheet programmes on the market, having been founded in 2006. Since then, nothing has changed. If you’ve ever used a modern spreadsheet, you might not like this one.


Despite the fact that it is an online tool, no registration is required. It can be hosted on your server and customised to your specifications. However, this is just for tech-savvy individuals.


EtherCalc is a real-time collaboration programme that allows you to work with others. It makes file sharing simple. Simply paste the URL into your browser and send it to your collaborator.


There is no need for additional cloud hosting or permission management.


EtherCalc is a straightforward programme that incorporates conditional formatting. The user interface is a little antiquated, but that shouldn’t be a problem because it includes all the functions you require. This software allows you to quickly generate graphs and charts.


However, you should be aware that it is not intended for large-scale projects. However, it is an excellent option for anyone seeking for a free spreadsheet programme.


#7. Airtable



Next, we have Airtable, which is a spreadsheet programme comparable to Google Sheets. It does, however, have certain complex features that set it apart from other software.


This app is intended to increase your productivity and make your work easier. It has a vast number of templates to help you save time. A content calendar, project tracker, CRM, and other important functions are also included.


Airtable has all of the capabilities you’d expect from spreadsheet software. It is free to use, but in order to use all of its features, you must pay to its $10 monthly plan.


It is unique among spreadsheet tools in that it refers to spreadsheets as bases. This demonstrates the software’s purpose.


It has a useful set of templates that will assist you in determining the product’s capabilities. This includes checklists for product launches, flow charts for product planning, storyboards for video creation, and more.


This software was created with the database user in mind. Each field in Airtable can be completely customised. You can include the date, bar code, checkbox, URL, and other information.

You may also generate graphs, formulas, and pivot tables with this software. This can be accomplished by adding up values and checking the database.


Airtable can be used to insert web page content into the dashboard. Airtable isn’t for you if you’re just seeking for free spreadsheet software. Airtable is used for operations that cannot be accomplished with regular spreadsheet programmes.


#8. Libre Office



LibreOffice is an excellent spreadsheet programme for Windows 10 that is completely free to use. It is accessible online, therefore it does not require any disc space.


LibreOffice may be the best option for you if you need free spreadsheet software to handle massive amounts of data.


It contains around 300 features, making it more useful than many other tools. It may have an archaic user interface, but the functions make up for it.


LibreOffice is a fantastic productivity tool that is available for free. It has all of the features and functions that you’d expect from a modern spreadsheet programme. If you want something that runs nicely on your native Windows machine, it’s a great alternative to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

It has a fully configurable interface, so you may show only the functions you use frequently. It also features a series of helpful keyboard controls for easily navigating the app.


LibreOffice is simple to use, whether you are a novice or a seasoned spreadsheet user. It’s simple software with ready-to-use templates to help you save time.


LibreOffice does not lack functionality only because it is ancient software. It’s on par with Google Sheets and Excel.


DataPilot is a valuable function that allows you to import raw data from databases and use it in spreadsheets. Using the chart wizard, you can then utilise this information to build diagrams and graphs.


#9. Smartsheet



Smartsheet is an excellent project management and collaboration application. You can continuously updating your work while using this spreadsheet tool so that your coworkers can view it. Smartsheet has a number of characteristics that make it a useful tool to use.


You can use this programme to complete a variety of jobs and operations. It allows you to make changes to existing templates and projects.


It contains a feature called Kanban View that allows you to examine the status of your project. You can quickly track the progress of your job with this function.


You can work in any way you choose with Smartsheet. The only problem is that it isn’t technically free spreadsheet software. This is due to the fact that it demands a $14 monthly membership.


Despite the fact that it is commercial software, many users utilise and trust it. It has a table-like user interface with numerous functionality. It offers a straightforward user interface with no unnecessary extras. You’ll gradually get the hang of it once you start using it.


The extensive template library is one of Smartsheet’s numerous advantages. You may easily alter and utilise these templates as needed. You may, for example, use the project management template and customise it to meet your needs.


In the Gantt view, you can also add due dates and tasks. The card view allows you to keep track of who is assigned to which task.


This fantastic programme may be used to construct HTML data portals for your team. You may also construct forms to collect information for your sheets.


#10. Apache OpenOffice Calc



In 2001, Apache OpenOffice Calc was released. It is one of the first spreadsheet programmes to hit the market. It was created as an open-source Excel replacement.


It was handed to Apache about a decade later, in 2011. Following the change of ownership, the company worked to upgrade and modernise the software.


Many useful tools, such as language formulas and scenario managers, are included. This open-source programme is not only compatible with Windows, but also with Linux and Mac.


It is a completely free spreadsheet programme that allows you to use all of its features without spending any money. It lets you choose from a variety of templates and functionalities for applications such as GPA calculations, scheduling, and marketing budgeting.


It has the DataPilot feature, which allows you to import data and use it as needed. It also has easy-to-use formatting options for the backdrop, cell borders, and more.


Apache OpenOffice Calc, like many other spreadsheet programmes, allows you to share files in MS Excel and PDF format with your coworkers. You can even include other people’s edits.


You may rely on Apache OpenOffice Calc if you need user-friendly free spreadsheet software.


Final Words


It is much easier to operate using the greatest free spreadsheet software. To save and manage your data, you can use any of the software indicated above. All of the tools are available for free.

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