Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 & Mac [2022]

Duplicate File Finder Software

The best duplicate file finder for Windows and Mac to locate duplicate files and delete them from your computer to make room for new ones.


Nobody thinks about clearing up our computers nowadays because they have more than enough RAM to do their jobs. There are numerous solutions available that can handle all of the files in the recycle bin or transient folder. One of the biggest problems, however, is the presence of unwanted duplicate files. We’ll talk about duplicate file discovery software for Windows 10 and Mac in this article.


Best Duplicate File Finder Software

This tool is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Duplicate files are an easily overlooked issue, yet they pile up on your hard drive without anyone noticing. Backups of your computer, memory card, images downloaded several times, redundant files, and a variety of other duplicate files would eat up hard disc space. This duplicate file finder solves the problem by eliminating the need to manually sort through each folder. Here are some of the top Mac and Windows duplicate file finders.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10

#1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder



One of the greatest duplicate file finders for Windows at the moment. This software is available for download for free from its official website. They filter out files that are replicated or have comparable factors using sophisticated algorithm technologies.


This free duplicate file finder provides you complete control over which files to remove, ensuring that no vital data is lost. This software is a one-stop solution for your duplicate file problem, backed by Microsoft and rated among the finest free duplicate file finders by prominent tech websites and magazines.


#2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro



This duplicate file finder for Windows can also help you clean up your computer. With deep searching technologies, this software is precisely designed to discover all forms of duplicate files. Some of these are comparing images that have been scaled, rotated, or modified in the picture viewer.


They also compare the tags or substance of an audio file. This duplicate file finder may also locate and delete information within a zip file. You may also refine your search by file type and group. All of these capabilities are included in the software’s pro edition.


#3. CCleaner



This free duplicate file finder has been around for a long time and is one of the must-have programmes for Windows users due to its other capabilities. This software is primarily intended to clean your computer, with one of the advantages being the removal of duplicate files.


The duplicate file finding feature in CCleaner may scan your computer for files with the exact same size and display them to you. Then you can preview them or delete them with a single click. The free edition includes all of these features as well.


#4. VisiPics



This is a free duplicate file finder for photos alone. Most of the time, it’s the photographs we save on our computer that end up taking up the most space. This simple duplicate file finder can look for photographs in a certain folder and return a complete result quickly.


They compare the image to five other attributes such as file size, name, and more. It also displays the proportion of similarity between two files that other software may consider. Both photos can be previewed and deleted. It is a completely freeware programme.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac

#1. Gemini 2


One of the greatest Mac duplicate file finders available. This utility is one of the fastest duplicate file creators, and you won’t lose your file thanks to smart search and remove. It can scan your Mac thoroughly for duplicate files, redundant files, photos, audio files, and other items.


One of this tool’s advantages is its well-designed user interface. It’s simple to use and handles all of the heavy lifting for you. You can see a preview of the result and choose which files you don’t want to lose. For Mac users, it’s an award-winning, highly rated, and reliable duplicate file finder.


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#2. Tidy Up 5



This duplicate file finder can comprehensively scan your Mac and provide you with a quick result. The tool’s setup and user interface are both straightforward. All you have to do now is press the button and let this gadget handle the rest. You have two options for searching your Mac: slowest and quickest.


When you first use the programme, you’ll see two options for assigning attribution to the duplicate file. Choose the simple mode if you want to go bigger, or the advanced mode if you want to go a little deeper. It’s one of the best Mac duplicate file finding programmes available.


#3. Duplicate Detective



It finds duplicate files on your Mac, as the name implies. It’s a straightforward duplicate file finder with the most affordable price for Mac users. This utility searches for duplicate files using a proprietary algorithm and returns the results quickly.


You can then either delete the entire batch of duplicate files or manually pick them. This duplicate file finder would perform a thorough search in addition to comparing size and name. This app includes numerous options for cleaning your Mac.


#4. PhotoSweeper X



Why not for Mac users as well, because we listed one duplicate photo finding programme for Windows. This duplicate file finder just has one purpose: to locate any duplicate images on your Mac. Unlike other duplication finders, it makes extensive use of advanced features to eliminate all duplicate photos.


The improved ways for locating duplicate images are quite amazing. They can compare images by name, size, aspect ratio, and other factors. By selecting a file name, time gap, and matching level, you can perform an advanced search. This software is often known as photo management software.


Other duplicate file finders

  • Glary Duplicate Cleaner (for Windows)
  • SearchMyFiles (for Windows)
  • Easy Duplicate Finder (MacOS & Windows)
  • Duplicate Sweeper (Windows, MacOS)
  • dupeGuru (Windows, MacOS, Linux)


All of the above software can be used in the latest version of OS.

There are many other excellent duplicate file finders available, but the ones on this list are far and away the greatest duplicate file finders available. Do you use any other software to locate duplicate files? Please let us know in the comments section.

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