Can’t hear anyone on Discord- How to fix it 2021

Before going on with the methods to fix Can’t hear anyone on Discord issue, we must know a few of the things about Discord. Such as; What Discord is? What are the possible reasons behind this issue of  ‘not able to hear anyone’? The necessity of educating ourselves with this basic knowledge is to make the required corrections perfectly.

What is Discord?

Discord is an App, just like any other chatting app. It allows people to connect easily. It is mainly for those people who are involved in gaming. It creates a community for gaming people to join quickly. Its features of video calling, voice calling, personal or community chats. This is just like any other social platform to connect. 

What can cause the problem of  Can’t hear anyone on Discord?

There can be various reasons for this issue to arouse, and there are multiple ways to fix it easily. It is not an issue to stress about, but it sure is a significant problem to be resolved as soon as possible as it creates a disturbance in properly communicating and interacting. 

The possible reasons can be: if the audio settings are not selected correctly. If the audio device is not your default device or it can also be due to the app’s new upgraded version. If anyone the above is the reason, you will indeed find the solution within the given methods.

Methods to fix the ‘not able to hear’ problem on discord

Method 1:

The very first method is to check if your audio device is connected to the sound system or not. To check this, you can turn on to the app’s legacy audio subsystem. This might resolve the issue instantly. 

The steps to do so are given below: 

1.The very first step is to start with opening your app and search for gear Icon. Then, look for the ‘user settings’ and click open it. 

2.Go to the ‘Voice and Video’ option and look for ‘Use Legacy Audio Subsystem’ option to turn it on. 

3. After selecting the ‘turning on’ option, all you will have to do is click ‘Okay’ to make sure that your option is selected.

4. As it is essential to see if the changes have been correctly applied immediately. To do so, restart your app and connect with any server to see if your problem is resolved or not.

Suppose this couldn’t resolve your issue. Go to the next method. 

Method 2: 

Another reason for this issue is that the app uses some wrong audio device from your computer to playback the sound. To resolve this issue, follow the steps given below.

1.Open the app on your computer to get started with changing the required settings 

2.Look for the ‘Gear icon’ and click on it. Next is to open the ‘User settings’ option.

3. Now, Click open the ‘Voice and Video’ option. 

4. Look for the ‘ correct Audio Input and output’ option and select it. 

5. Once, you have done so, go and try to connect to the voice server to check if the problem has resolved or not. 

If the issue still stays the same. Go to the next method. 

Method 3: 

As the right settings are all, it is about. Look for if the audio device is select or not as the default hardware. To do so, instead of changing the settings in your app. You will have to change the setting in your Windows directly. The steps to do so are as followed; 

1.Firstly, go to the ‘Change system sounds’ option.

2.Here, you will find an option saying ‘open to launch the sounds settings’. Click on it to open it. 

3. Now, go to the ‘Playback tab.’ 

4.Looj for the audio device you’re currently using and finally, click on ‘set as default’. 

Once you have successfully followed all these steps, restart your app and try to check by joining a voice server to see if the changes have resolved your issues. If the above method was not the solution to your problem, step into the next method. 

Method 4: 

Sometimes, the simplest issues can look like trouble. As the reason behind this issue can simply be due to a bug causing the issue. If that is so, you can easily fix it by refreshing your app. To do so, follow the given steps. 

1.Look for the ‘selection menu’.

2. Within this menu, you will find a ‘Task Manager’ option. Click on this option.

3. Within the process tab, you will have to look for the ‘Discord app’ option. Click on this option.

4. Now, you will have to click on the ‘End task button. This will make the app stop running. 

To check if the changes have been applied correctly. Open the Discord app and join a voice server to check if the voice from the other is properly audible or not. 

Method 5: 

Suppose any of the above methods did not help you out. Make be it is because none of the reasons listed above caused. It. Maybe it is merely due to a poor network connection. To resolve this, all you have to do is shift the ‘Server’s region’ much closer. It can catch the network fast and speedy, and the following steps can help you in doing so. 

1.Open the Discord app and click on one of your servers.

2.Now, look for the ‘server settings’ option and click it. 

3.Just when it opens, on the overview tab, tap on the ‘overview button and look for the ‘nearest server’ the server that is closest to your location, select it. 

After completing these steps, you can connect with your voice server and check if the changes have resolved your issue. 

Method 6: 

Suppose none of the above solutions helped you out. A temporary step that can help you is to use the web version. 


Try out every listed method step by step. Hoping that one of them will indeed work for you. As these issues when resolved give a lot of satisfaction.



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