Top 7 Best Virtual Machine Software [Free and Paid] 2021

A new virtual machine software free or paid can be useful when you are trying to buy or use a new OS software. The software can be an older or newer version of the current OS you are using. If you are bored with your windows or mac and want to use another system without actually using it, this is where the virtual machine software comes into the picture. It happens with every buyer that when you buy a new computer or update your OS, you get the news about the superior features of another.

If you wish to know more about the different types of virtual machine software and their features, this guide can be beneficial to you.

What is virtual machine software?

This software makes the use of OS software and is used to use another software operating system in place of your original windows or mac. The inbuilt emulation software present in the virtual machine software allows you to use other operating system software on the same device. An older version can also be used on the same device with the help of virtual machine software.

Best Virtual Machine Software

1. Oracle VM Virtualbox


One of the best virtual machine software present, which makes it at the top position of all software is its accessibility; it can operate in any version of OS from the varying operating systems available. You can use any different software available based on different operating systems with easy accessibility. It also supports a large number of the guest operating system. This free of cost virtual machine software can operate fully on Windows, Linux and Mac. The virtual machine software allows you to switch to different software and operate any software you wish. Its free feature allows you to install it and use it to familiarise yourself with the virtual machine software.

Installing USB is the biggest concern faced as it allows your DVDs and photos to work. The other limitations of the software include an older version of OS that cannot work on the new version of the software. Despite its limitations, it still is one of the best virtual machine software available online.

2. VMware Fusion


This virtual machine software runs on Mac OS and gives you easy accessibility. The user can download Windows and Linux on their Mac OS. Their paid services are very reliable and powerful. The products of this virtual machine software are simplified enough for home users, and its powerful features make it suitable for IT professionals. This software is good for people who want testing software on both platforms. They have a superior quality of the interface and noteworthy features.

3. Microsoft Hyper-V


One of the most reliable virtual machine software, it is now available with inbuilt Windows 10 or later versions. This software assists you in operating an older version of Windows or Linux with this software.

One of its few limitations is the few OS support. It assists you in running Linux but not as swiftly as other virtual machine software available. Although as its inbuilt software from windows, it is completely free and provides you with the opportunity for some experimentation.

4. Parallels Desktop 14


Parallels Desktop 14 is perhaps the best virtual machine software for Mac users currently present. It is acclaimed by numerous big companies and websites. This software provides a great experience with a smooth interface.

This virtual machine software is hard to install and configure; this is one of the major concerns. This software provides you with an easy to use interface and simple design. It is one of the best-paid software platforms available online.

5. Red Hat Virtualization


The most reliable virtual machine software for Linux based users, it has a hard to configure feature, but its industry-level professional working capacity can be helpful.

It is hard to configure and test the software that requires a pro-level user. This is paid virtual machine software and also works with a 6-month guarantee money-back period.



The QEMU virtual machine software is the best Linux based software present. It is highly sophisticated software and works steadily for professionals. QEMU can emulate PowerPC, MIPS64, ARM, SPARC (32 and 64), MicroBlaze, ETRAX CRIS, SH4 and RISC-V, and x86 PC.

It’s cost-effective and easy to use, but when it comes to the application of the software and accessible user interface, it would not be functional if used inefficiently.

7. Citrix Xenserver


Progressing as an open-source, this is a free basic virtual machine software. For more features which are accessible, you need to update to a more professional form with the enterprise-class features built in to readily handle different workload types, mixed operating systems, and storage or interacting arrangements.

Only this virtual machine software operates and supports efficiently for Intel virtual graphics technology. It means that with this virtual machine software, you can experience the best quality of 3D graphics and graphics.

Some of the other Virtual machine software

· Windows Virtual PC

· Kernel-based Virtual Machine

· Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure

There are a number of reasons why people wish to use virtual machine learning separately from just using the present software. You can operate a different OS on a similar system that is cost-effective and easy to use. for the professional user, testing your software code on a different platform is now much simpler.

We hope that this given list of virtual machine software will prove beneficial to you in deciding your go-to option. There are only a few other software in the market that can be as reliable as virtual machine software named in this list. I hope this guide is helpful, and all your queries are answered.

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