10 Best Predictive Dialer Software [2022]

Best Predictive Dialer Software

Your call center’s Predictive Dialer Software should be a one-stop shop. If you’re operating a telemarketing or political campaign, a predictive dialer that can not only skip busy lines to save time but also provide call stats and let you dial more numbers at once should be your first choice. So, at Top It Software, we studied, tried, and tested the finest predictive dialer software to provide you the Top 10 Best Predictive Dialer Software!


But, before we get into the specifics of how many wonderful features each of these dialers software packages has to offer, let’s start with the basics.


What is Predictive Dialing?

A predictive dialling programme is just an automatic dialer that assists you in automatically dialling a number of contacts, bypassing busy or unavailable lines and connecting to those that are available. This saves an agent time waiting on a busy and available line, allowing them to be more productive. However, the technology has progressed beyond simple dialer software. A predictive dialer can now monitor call metrics and assist an agent in connecting with potential leads at the appropriate moment. A predictive dialer software can forecast agents’ call times and when they will be ready for the next call based on metrics and built-in features. Pre-recorded messages and automatic call distributors are also available, which aid in enhancing consumer connection and conversation.


1. Genesys PureCloud



Genesys PureCloud, a cloud-based predictive dialer, is your one-stop shop for all you need. It increases agent productivity and allows for call automation. It is one of the most effective predictive dialer software for call centres. This software aids productivity by filtering out busy lines and connecting to those that are available. Genesys can monitor chats and track engagement time.


You can reduce idle time and boost your agents’ productivity directly. Inbound and outbound call reps benefit from AI technology, which boosts productivity and improves customer engagement. The data gathered can be utilised to narrow in on certain clients. This predictive dialer software can handle phone, chat, email, and other forms of communication. It is continually updated with more powerful and advanced features to aid in the growth of your customer base and efficiency. Genesys is a cost-effective Predictive Dialer with sophisticated technology for the services it provides.


2. Five9



Five9 is one of the most popular CRM applications, with capabilities that will exceed your expectations. Five9 isn’t just one of the greatest predictive dialer programmes; it also provides a variety of other services. The dialer software is a cloud-based application that allows you to bypass busy lines and boost agent efficiency. Aside from that, the dialling system provides you with a number of options, including the ability to specify a dialling preference. For improved client involvement, you can also analyse the calls and optimise agent scripts.


According to reviews, companies have seen up to a 300 percent increase in revenue as compared to traditional dialling by agents. Five9 also offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and multi-channel call distribution, making customer engagement more interactive and productive. With the help of information into client engagement monitored by the technology, you can improve over time. The revolutionary tool can assist your business in providing excellent customer service as well as monitoring and analysing your needs over time.


3. DialFire



DialFire is an internet dialer system, not a predictive calling software, but the functionalities are identical. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. It may be used directly from the browser and requires very little time to set up and use. DialFire should be your first pick if you’re a local agent just getting started with predictive dialling software. Whether you’re a single person dialling a few consumers or a large call centre, the strong and rapid dialer system works well for you.


Inbound call mixing is a feature of the predictive dialer that makes it easier to avoid busy lines and save time. The dialer can be used for single-level campaigns as well as multi-level campaigns involving hundreds of clients. DialFire works quickly and is really simple to use. It has pre-built templates that make creating campaigns a breeze. DialFire is a tool that is both inexpensive and loaded with capabilities.


4. DialerAI



DialerAI is one of the most sophisticated predictive dialling tools available. It can be used for telemarketing, political campaigns, lead generation, and other campaigns. It’s a powerful and effective predictive dialer with intelligence to help you save money. The predictive dialling technology can help you not only acquire and retain new consumers, but also improve existing customer engagement.


DialerAI can efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls utilising pre-recorded messages and predictive dialling on “Press-1” campaigns. It can assist you increase your team’s efficiency and improve the customer experience. The predictive dialer can assist you in focusing your efforts on legitimate leads. It can also function as an autodialer, bypassing busy lines. It’s also ideal for political campaigns and telephone polls. DialerAI is reasonably priced and proved to be a reliable predictive dialer.


5. Jive Contact Centre



Jive is a cloud-based call centre software with a predictive calling feature that helps you organise and enhance efficiency at your call centre. Advanced features like Interactive Voice Response and CRM connection are available in Jive, which will improve the quality of your customer interactions. Predictive dialling helps you to bypass busy contacts and connect to those who are available. There is no buffer or waiting time with automatic call distribution because the call is forwarded to an agent who is immediately accessible.


This is one of the most advanced call centre solutions and predictive dialling software available. Jive can also keep an eye on agents on the phone and generate real-time reports on active engagement, agent talk time, and available agents. This can also aid in the analysis and creation of reports for your campaign. For improved interaction, the programme can also alter agent scripts and messages. Jive is intelligent and swift. There’s no reason not to give it a shot.


6. KOOKOO CloudAgent



KOOKOO CloudAgent’s full-featured, all-in package will astound you. The predictive dialer is capable of doing more than just calling. KOOKOO is a famous and trusted predictive dialling software that can provide your call centre with a one-stop solution. It is a sophisticated incoming and outbound call centre system with professional telephony capabilities.


KOOKOO can assist you in creating and integrating a more effective CRM with back-end databases. It allows you to allocate calls, emails, and SMS to the available and filtered agent by using specific agent data and setting priorities. You can use KOOKOO’s time-based routing to route calls and emails to certain agents. For a rich customer experience, the predictive dialer also assists you in tracking, monitoring, and evaluating client involvement. Data can be accessed at any time thanks to the cloud system!


7. Newfies Dialer



Whether you’re working on a small campaign or a large one. Newfies are capable of handling everything. It has the potential to boost agent output by up to 200 percent. Advanced capabilities of the predictive dialer software can be utilised for Lead Generation, Marketing, Political Campaigns, and Debt Collection. The simple design makes it easier to work while enhancing efficiency. It’s quick and professional, with all of the features you’d expect and more.


Before the customer chooses to speak with an agent, you can record pre-recorded messages or voice recordings. It also allows you to dial contacts who do not respond automatically. This improves customer service and agent productivity. It aids in the creation of a more engaging consumer experience. This is one of the finest predictive dialer software since it is not only simple to use and affordable, but it also has a lot of professional features.


8. ChaseData Call Centre



Chase Data Call Centre will assist your call center’s growth by providing services other than predictive dialling. It is a strong tool for increasing consumer involvement and improving the customer experience. The predictive dialer software is speedy and strong, and it may help you keep track of your agents and boost their output. It can also track call and other engagement costs, allowing you to be more cost-effective in your daily operations.


ChaseData can be used to develop various campaigns, allowing agents to be more prepared to transition between them as needed. Customer interaction data may be analysed and tracked using the Campaign Monitor tool. This improves consumer satisfaction and engagement. Managers can use the Dashboard function to keep track of each agent’s work. This aids in the creation of reports and campaign planning. ChaseData is a sophisticated predictive dialer solution that can help you generate sales while you’re on the go!


9. PhoneBurner



PhoneBurner is a rapid and efficient predictive calling software option. The user interface is simple to use and provides high-quality functionality. Automated messages, connecting to available lines, pre-recorded messages, call tracking, and much more are all included. PhoneBurner makes complicated capabilities simple to use, enhancing agent efficiency and fostering interactive client interaction.


The predictive dialer technology will assist your team in establishing a trustworthy and clear relationship with your clients. This would aid in the generation of potential leads and the conversion of those leads into a loyal client base. There is no call delay or buffer, allowing for unrestricted dialling. It’s simple to set up and there are no per-minute fees. Millions of pleased customers trust PhoneBurner, making it one of the top predictive dialer software.


10. TalkDesk



Talkdesk has just made it easier to improve the productivity and efficiency of your customer support. It will not only assist you in skipping long lines and maximising your time, but it will also improve the quality of your customer experience. It can help you save money, boost agent productivity, and keep track of every detail of your campaign. Talkdesk is an effective solution for increasing client interaction and leads. It has professional features to let you engage with each customer in a better and more productive manner without wasting any time.


You can get real-time reports on customer interaction and forecast data with Talkdesk to assist your team in developing and executing a successful campaign. The user interface is basic and intuitive. It is designed to assist agents in enhancing customer engagement and attracting new leads while being simple to use. The cloud-based programme assists you in securing your data and making it accessible on the go! The cost-effective predictive dialling software is powered by AI technology, which is dependable and provides excellent service to your consumers!




Examine your requirements and determine why you require a predictive dialer. Look for the features you’ll need and select one of the dialer systems listed above. Still perplexed? Demo these predictive dialers software and make your decision then! I hope you found this post useful in your search for the finest predictive dialer software.

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