Best Minecraft Server Hosting [Free & Paid] of 2022

Minecraft Server Hosting

Are you looking for the most reliable Minecraft Server Hosting? We’ll look at the quickest, most cost-effective, and cheapest Minecraft Server hosting options.


In recent years, the gaming industry has become one of the most profitable. With a significant increase in the number of games produced, gamers can’t seem to stay away from their gadgets.


Minecraft is one such game that is gaining a lot of traction. There are other ways to play Minecraft with your friends, but the most flexible is through Minecraft server hosting. In this post, we’ll show you the greatest mc server hosting and customised Minecraft servers for a seamless gaming experience.


With the right hosting, you may not only enjoy your gaming sessions without interruptions, but you can also protect your in-game victories with an extra layer of security and regular backups. So, take a look at our list and choose the best Minecraft server hosting that fits your needs and budget.



What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a virtual world where users may create their own worlds and experiences using building blocks and resources found on the site, as well as their own ingenuity.


Markus Persson and Mojan Studio from Sweden created this adventure game. It quickly acquired popularity after its introduction in 2011 and became popular among individuals of all ages.


Minecraft may be played on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, and Raspberry Pi. Minecraft currently boasts a community of over 126 million active players and has sold over 200 million copies.


What Is Minecraft Server Hosting?

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you’ll know that the multiplayer mode makes the game much more engrossing and entertaining, greatly improving the whole experience. After all, one of the numerous skills that Minecraft may help you develop is teamwork.


Minecraft Server Hosting is a service that allows you to play Minecraft on customised server hardware. Additionally, you may create your own virtual Minecraft server and play with anybody you like.


Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Minecraft Server Hosting:

There are a few things to bear in mind before choosing a Minecraft hosting server to ensure that your Minecraft hosting goes smoothly. The characteristics to bear in mind are listed below.


1. Processor and Memory

Processing time is required by almost all online programmes, but this is especially true in gaming. To ensure fast, uninterrupted gameplay, the servers should have minimal latency and high uptime.


To accomplish this, choose a Minecraft hosting firm with more than adequate processor and RAM. High-performance servers can also manage more players without slowing down the game.


2. Allows Mods

Minecraft server hosting that has been modded can change the game’s UI and add new tools for users to utilise while exploring the environment. As a result, make sure the game server service provider has the best Minecraft mods loaded, or at the very least allows you to upload your own. They are always an important part in making your Minecraft experience more enjoyable.


3. Server Location

The servers must be close to the gamer’s location to avoid delay. There’s nothing you can do when you’re hosting gamers from all over the world. If you’re hosting players from a specific region or country, be sure the supplier has servers in that area.


4. Customer Support

The value of excellent customer service cannot be overstated. Customer support can assist you if you have any questions or encounter any problems while hosting your server. The support team will solve any of your problems, from “how to get started” to “why is this occurring.”


5. Storage Space and Type

Although Minecraft is not a storage-intensive game, having an SSD will make your Minecraft server run more quickly. You should be aware, however, of the possibility for discrepancies in this area.


Some web hosts provide SSD-based server software while keeping your data on traditional storage. It varies from providing a complete SSD solution with all data stored on SSD.


6. Pricing

The price of a Minecraft server hosting will mirror its performance, as basic as it may be. You can acquire free Minecraft server hosting, but it will limit the number of users who can join your server and supply you with a minimal amount of RAM. The price hierarchy of a server is simple: more RAM and players = more money.


7. Easy setup

The last thing you want to worry about is setting up the server; having it ready and running involves technical knowledge. Fortunately, there are hosting companies that will handle everything so you can concentrate on the games.


Best Minecraft Server Hosting

The popularity of Minecraft has increased the need for Minecraft hosting. To make the process easier, we prepared a list of the best-performing options instead of presenting all of them in one post. The following is a list of the best Minecraft server hosting options.


#1. Apex



Apex Hosting is the first tool on our list of the best Minecraft server hosting services. Apex Hosting uses tier-3 data centres and high-quality hardware servers to deliver the best gaming experience possible. They have 18 data centres across the world to give Java and Bedrock Edition gamers with lower latency.


You don’t have to pay for dedicated IP addresses because Apex Hosting provides you with a free subdomain name to use with your server. With 1-click Modpacks, you may install the best plugins right now.


They have Xeon CPUs and upgraded SSDs for enhanced Transaction Processing System (TPS) and always-available servers. Additionally, you have complete control over your package and server version.


Apex Notable Features:

  • Servers are available 24×7 with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • FTP and MYSQL database access
  • Servers for Java and Bedrock Edition
  • Begin in less than 5 minutes
  • There are almost 200 one-click modpack installers



  • 2GB: $7.49 Monthly
  • 3GB: $11.24 Monthly
  • 4GB: $14.99 Monthly
  • 5GB: $18.74 Monthly
  • 6GB: $22.99 Monthly


It is also available in 8GB and 10GB plans for $29.99 and $37.49 per month.


#2. ScalaCube



This Minecraft server hosting company offers over 1000 modpacks that can be installed with a single click. To alter your server and mod list, use the control panel to build a Minecraft launcher and a unique forge server.


You may also change the look of the launcher and allow your players to use it to connect to the server. Because their data centres are located throughout the globe, it decreases latency and gives you access to a speedier server. ScalaCube also has a user-friendly interface that is well-planned and easy to navigate, as well as claims of dependability, excellent support, and lag-free functioning.


They also provide a free subdomain for all players to access their server.


ScalaCube Notable Features:

  • Keep track of the number of online gamers
  • Provides complete file access
  • Maintain frequent off-site backups
  • Completely configurable platform
  • DDOs protection



  • 768 MB: $2.50 per month
  • 1.5 GB: $5 per month
  • 3 GB: $10 per month
  • 4.5 GB: $13 per month


#3. Shockbyte



Shockbyte is a well-known Minecraft server hosting service that offers Java and Bedrock Edition compatibility. Its services can be installed with a single click and receive automatic updates.


Spigot, Sponge, Vanilla, Forge, and many other servers are supported by Shockbyte. Additionally, it supports a number of modpacks. Shockbyte is compatible with MCPE and MCPC and allows you to modify modules, plugins, servers, and plans at any moment.


It offers a variety of pricing options, but if none of them suit your needs, Shockbyte may help you create one that does. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for specialist Minecraft Server Hosting.


Shockbyte Notable Features:

  • Automatic nodding and updates
  • Provides dedicated IP support
  • Performs backup automatically
  • DDoS prevention with low latency.
  • Instant installation, server console, and a free MySQL database



  • Spartan: $25 monthly (10GB RAM)
  • Zeus: $30 monthly (12GB RAM)
  • Titan: $40 monthly (16GB RAM)

Shockbyte provides a variety of other plans, but these give the highest performance.


#4. Sparked Host



Sparked Host is the most reliable, affordable, and straightforward mc server hosting option available. Furthermore, sparked Host servers are constructed with industry-leading hardware, ensuring that your Minecraft network will run seamlessly on their platform, whether it’s just starting started or has a large following.


Users can choose from a number of different plans at Sparked Host. For all services, they ensure 99.99 percent network connectivity. It also offers a well-trained customer service team to assist with any issues. They also provide fantastic tools and documentation to assist you in rapidly getting up and running.


Sparked Host Notable Features:

  • To keep you safe at all times, use DDoS protection.
  • Offer fantastic locations
  • Enterprise gear to keep the server running smoothly.
  • After payment, the hosting service is immediately activated.
  • All required services are accessible over the network.



  • Asteroid: $1.80 Quarterly
  • Pluto: $1.00 monthly
  • Triton: $2.00 monthly
  • Moon: $3.00 monthly
  • Mercury: $4.00 monthly
  • Mars: $5.00 monthly
  • Venus: $6.00 monthly
  • Earth: $7.00 monthly
  • Neptune: $8.00 monthly
  • Saturn: $9.00 monthly
  • Jupiter: $10.00 monthly
  • Sun: $12.00 monthly
  • Milky way: $20.00 monthly


#5. BisectHosting



Another well-known Minecraft server hosting company is BisectHosting. It is a well-known brand for Minecraft server hosting, as well as a variety of other web-related services. Bisect is relatively basic when it comes to Minecraft, offering either the Java version or Bedrock, due to the breadth of their hosting options.


The fact that all of Bisect’s Minecraft hosting plans, including the most basic, include unlimited SSD storage is a noteworthy feature. Bisect instals any modpack for you so you can concentrate on your game. It also provides customers with several free backups and infinite slots.


BisectHosting Notable Features

  • Support provided for custom JARs
  • Protects against DDOS attack
  • Limitless amount of SSD storage
  • Allows you to use your preferred FTP client.
  • Feature-rich and easy to use control panel



  • 1GB: $2.99 per month (12 slots)
  • 2GB: $5.98 per month (24 slots)
  • 3GB: 8.97 per month (36 slots)
  • 4GB: $11.96 per month (48 slots)
  • 5GB: 14.95 per month (60 slots)
  • 6GB: 1.94 per month (72 slots)

The price, storage, and slots increase as you go for a higher plan.


#6. Hostinger



Hostinger is a well-known web hosting company, so it’s no surprise that it also provides one of the top Minecraft server hosting packages. Their Minecraft hosting options are based on VPS servers, which means you’ll have the dedicated resources you need to play the game.


Hostinger provides high-quality Minecraft server hosting at a low cost. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who want to get the most out of their Minecraft hosting service but don’t know how to set up a server or network.


Hostinger Notable Features:

  • Plugins and mod packs can be easily installed via the control panel.
  • Cloud backups that are automated
  • Changes passwords with ease
  • iOS and Android apps are available.
  • A dedicated development and updates team



  • Alex plan: $8.95 (2GB RAM)
  • Villager Plan: $12.95 per month (3GB RAM)
  • Creeper Plan: $15.95 Per month (4GB RAM)
  • Herobrine Plan: $23.95 per month (6GB RAM)
  • Enderman Plan: $29.95 per month (8GB RAM)
  • Evoker Plan: $57.99 Per month (12GB RAM)
  • Wolf PLan: $77.99 Per month (16GB RAM)

Make a purchase right now for a limited-time discount of up to 70% on these plans.


#7. GGServers



Next on our list of Minecraft server hosting providers is GGServers, a web hosting company situated in Canada that specialises on gaming servers. They have a good selection of nine data centre locations to choose from throughout the world and give high-performance specifications for their gaming servers.


It supports a variety of servers, including PaperMC, Bedrock Edition, Voids Wrath, Forge, Pixelmon, and many others, and the GGServers configurable UI makes server management a breeze. Customers have received stable and fast game servers from GG Servers at a reasonable price.


Furthermore, the organisation is dedicated to offering true round-the-clock support from a live person for server needs.


GGServers Notable Features:

  • Unlimited SSD and NVMe storage.
  • Modpacks and plugins are installed with a single-click
  • Customizable control panel.
  • MC server hosting program outlines Java and Bedrock.
  • Premium modpack support for all server types.



  • Stone: $3.00 per month (12 players)
  • Coal: $6.00 per month (24 players)
  • Iron: $9.00 per month (36 players)
  • Gold: $12.00 per month (48 players)
  • Lapis: $15.00 per month (60 players)
  • Redstone: $18.00 per month (72 players)
  • Diamond: $24 per month (96 players)
  • Emerald: $36 per month (144 players)


#8. Cubed Host



CubedHost offers easy yet reliable Minecraft server hosting with a variety of useful features. CubedHost is dedicated to providing customers with a powerful tool for setting up and managing Minecraft servers.


It offers a simple management interface called Prisma that allows you to manage servers from anywhere. Switching between versions, managing files, adding plugins, and installing different modpacks are all simple tasks.


You may quickly modify your server with its automated installations for over 100 server kinds. The programme gives you complete control and power over your server, as well as free web hosting, which allows you to build a website and communicate with the Minecraft community.


Cubed Host Notable Features:

  • MySQL servers are used to reduce latency.
  • Choose from over 100 different server types to install automatically.
  • Your website will be hosted for free.
  • DDoS protection and automated backups on a secure server
  • Give you an IP address for the default port on your server.



Free small web hosting is available

  • 1.5 GB RAM: $7.86 Monthly
  • 2.5 GB RAM: $13.11 Monthly
  • 4 GB RAM: $20.97 Monthly


Additional 5% discount available on Quarterly plan and 10% on Semi-Annual Plan.


#9. Host Havoc



HostHavoc is a top-rated Minecraft server hosting service with servers primarily in Europe, Australia, and the United States. This modpack-compatible Minecraft server hosting can run any modpack. The company runs its game servers on SSDs for faster performance and loading. Each network is constantly monitored to ensure that each server has sufficient resources.


Host Havoc provides complete FTP access and web-based file management for anyone who want to manage their files. It also provides real-time assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an average response time of 15 minutes. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund within 72 hours.


Host Havoc Notable Features:

  • Server activation occurs immediately.
  • Install several modpacks automatically
  • Control panel suite that is simple to use.
  • Enable automatic backups from the Multicraft panel.
  • Give complete FTP access and web-based file management.



  • Grass: $5.00 per month (1 GB RAM)
  • Wood: $10.00 per month (2 GB RAM)
  • Stone: $15.00 per month (3 GB RAM)
  • Coal: $20.00 per month (4 GB RAM)
  • Iron: $30.00 per month (6 GB RAM)


#10. GTX Gaming



GTXGaming is a well-known Minecraft server provider. Its software developers focused on utility and features when designing the control panel, making it simple to use for newcomers. Advanced functions are also included for skilled gamers.


You can easily administer the server thanks to its unusual design. They’ve also included AMD Ryzen processors, which are the most modern and powerful. It is extremely safe to use because its data centres defend it from DDoS attacks, and the user-friendly drop-down menu makes server setting a breeze.


Furthermore, GTXGaming covers almost the entire world, including London, Australia, Sweden, the United States, Germany, and many other locations.


GTXGaming Notable Features:

  • DDOS protection for corporate hardware at the enterprise level.
  • Intel CPUs are used, ranging from powerful E3 processors to the most modern i7i9 CPUs.
  • Using an FTP client, provides plugins or forges mod packs.
  • The world’s best data centre for low pings and data transmission



  • Amature: $7.50 per month,
  • Professional: $10.24 per month
  • Business: $ 13.65 per month


Advantage Of Specialized Minecraft Server Hosting

If you choose to use a specialized Minecraft Server hosting, it will give you the following benefits.


1. Improved command

You will have more control over your orders when gaming if you have a powerful server. You may also easily control every feature of the game and play it however you wish.


2. Higher uptime and lower latency

Specialized hosting businesses can provide global data centres. As a result, you host your server in a nearby data centre for better uptime and lower latency. Most of them also provide server backups in case your data becomes corrupted.


3. Enhanced performance

Using dedicated Minecraft server hosting, you will notice an improvement in the performance of your network. It will have no impact on your resource usage, and you won’t have to worry about other apps on your phone slowing down your gaming. As a result, you’ll be able to play for longer periods of time.


4. Using fewer device resources

They incorporate high-performance processors and SSDs in the hosting bundle. You won’t run out of device capacity this way, which will cause your computer to slow down and impact your games.


5. Better privacy and security

Many Minecraft server hosting companies provide you with a control panel that allows you to manage your server and set access restrictions. As a consequence, you’ll have more privacy and be able to concentrate on your game.


Benefits Of Creating Your Own Minecraft Servers Hosting

Let’s take a look at the advantages of running your own best Minecraft server hosting, as we’ve already explored the advantages of specialised Minecraft servers.


1. Freedom to choose mods

By running your own Minecraft server, you have complete control over what you install. A self-hosted server can also provide access to various plugins.


2. Create your community

Minecraft can assist you in forming a little community of your closest friends. You can play with your pals and create your own universe by hosting your own server.


3. Construct your own rules

If you play Minecraft with a self-hosted server, then you can create your own rules for your small community of friends.


4. Cost-Efficient

Minecraft server hosting may be incredibly costly, especially if running a server for a large group of players.


Minecraft Server Hosting FAQs

1. Is Minecraft free?

Minecraft is a Microsoft-licensed game, not a free game. As a result, it is available in a variety of platforms and versions, with pricing varying. For example, basic Minecraft on Windows costs $29.99, while the PS4 version costs $19.99.


2. Is it free to host a Minecraft server?

Some Minecraft server hosting services are completely free, while others offer subscription and premium options. If you choose free Minecraft server hosting, you will have to give up some features; nevertheless, a premium Minecraft server hosting plan allows you to keep all server data, including installed game servers with their IP addresses, maps, uploaded modifications, plugins, and so on.


3. Is running a Minecraft server beneficial?

Even if you’re only playing with your friends, the increased security may give you a sense of security. A hosting provider is your best bet if you lack the technical know-how to run the server. Many hosting companies also provide customer service. So, if you have any technical problems or challenges, you can contact customer care for assistance.


4. How much RAM will I require for the Minecraft server?

Like any other application, the more players you have, the more RAM you’ll need to support them. For a modest configuration with about 10 members, 1 GB of webserver capacity will enough. The more RAM you have, the better your gaming experience will be.


5. What is the cost of hosting a Minecraft server?

A Minecraft hosting server’s price is determined by the hosting service provider, RAM requirements, and the number of players. Some Minecraft servers are free, while others cost anywhere from $1 to $78 per month for 16GB.



As you might expect, hosting a Minecraft server does not have to be difficult. It can be difficult to choose the best Minecraft server hosting option because there are so many options. There is no doubt that if you look for all of the key features in your Minecraft servers, you will end up with a fantastic tool.


We’ve included a variety of different mc server hosting options; ultimately, whether you want a big server with thousands of players or a simple one to play with your buddies, the choice is yours.

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