Best Free Karaoke Software for Your PC [2022]

Free Karaoke Software

Do you enjoy singing and wish to throw fantastic parties? If you answered yes, you must have Karaoke software. Whether singing is your passion or you just want to have some fun, karaoke software can help.


This software displays song-specific lyrics, and you can sing along with the music. We recognise that selecting the best Karaoke Software might be difficult for some. There are almost a hundred free karaoke programmes available.


If you download freeware, there’s a chance it’ll come with malware or a virus. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most dependable and user-friendly karaoke software. So, to learn more about Karaoke software, keep reading this page.


What Is Karaoke Software?


Karaoke software is specifically built to allow you to see the lyrics on the digital screen. It converts songs without lyrics so that you may sing along with the music.


Since its inception in the 1970s, karaoke has been a popular pastime for many people. It became one of the most important sources of entertainment. However, this has changed significantly, and today all you need is your Windows or Mac device, as well as the greatest Karaoke programme or software that can provide you with the music to sing a song.


Karaoke is a terrific approach to cultivate your enthusiasm if you want to sing one day and dream-like your inspiration. All of the software listed below is free for a limited time, however it’s better to use it than to download shareware that could include spyware or viruses.

Features Of Karaoke Software

High-Quality Songs supports

Over 39,000 high-quality karaoke tracks recorded in professional studios are available in several karaoke software packages. Your gadget transforms into the ultimate karaoke machine in no time!


Dual-screen display

A dual display is enabled by karaoke software that features an additional karaoke window that can be relocated to your external monitor or video projector with a simple click.


Offline sync

Do you have a karaoke party planned in Boondocks? Karaoke software keeps you safe even if you don’t have access to the internet. It syncs your favourite tracks when you’re offline and keeps you tuned in!


Custom key and tempo

You can change the song’s key and pace, as well as add leading and background vocals. You are free to sing whatever song you like.

Save to favorites

If you’ve discovered a number of excellent music but need a quick way to locate them. They can be saved to your favourites. You can organise and keep all of your favourite tunes in one easy area.


Supports many song formats

Many forms of karaoke music files are supported by karaoke software, including some novel file formats such as CD+G, KAR, MID, or MPEG.


Best 10 Free Karaoke Software For Windows 10

1. Karaoke Kanta



Karaoke Kanta supports standard audio files such MP3, WMA, CD + G, KOK, and LRC, as well as the last two lyrics files supported by some karaoke machines. It can play KAR and MIDI files. You can use effects while recording karaoke sessions, which is fun for casual singers like you.


It’s fantastic free Karaoke software, but only for a limited time. All popular audio formats are supported, including DIVX, MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MOV, and WMV. All playable files can be classified by language, singer, and category.


It features a TV screen capability that monitors output and displays lines on another screen. You may also change the background image and the position and layout of the lines to modify their shape.

Karaoke Kante’s colorto start technology displays the song in a certain colour, allowing it to blend in with the music and gradually be learned. For convenience, you may save the lyrics of any song as a web page.


Karaoke Kanta comes in a variety of languages. Its pricing is well worth it, despite the fact that it is not the most cosmetically beautiful player available.


The UI is nice, and you can change the backdrop image for the lines and adjust the mixing, but you want to play more than MIDI files. Even if you have the most recent version, it does not function properly.


However, there is a catch: the version only plays MID and KAR files, not audio or video files. It also applies to features such as dual screen, sound effects, and playlist building. All of these can be fixed with the current version, however it requires a registration code that cannot be purchased.


Key features:

  • Supports MIDI to MP3 files
  • Sing recording
  • Live performance management Playlist management


2. Aria karaoke player pro



Despite the fact that this software supports advanced karaoke formats, it does not handle legacy KAR or MIDI files. Because the song store is now dormant, the locker function is not far away. It contains a background music player for when a simple tune needs a boost.


Because they do not know the songs or cannot sing without training, some people welcome the opportunity to print song maps for a decent karaoke performance. Aria Karaoke’s feature list is extensive, and the trial edition of the software allows you to attend both parties.


You can change the song’s pitch while it’s playing. It allows you to create a virtual case for your favourite karaoke tunes. Hundreds of thousands of karaoke songs can be purchased and downloaded via the built-in Karaoke Locker music store.


Key features:

  • Supports MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, or WAV+G files
  • On-deck singers’ box
  • Secondary full-screen lyrics output
  • Lyric off-set control


3. Advanced Karaoke player



It is the most popular karaoke player on the list, with the third most downloads. If you want to sing normally, it’s quite simple. One of the most appealing features of this karaoke software is the wide range of formats it can support.


CDG, VOB, DAT, MPG, AVI, MKV, RM, MPV, MMV, SF, and RMVB are all supported by this programme. It is one of the most popular free karaoke programmes for Windows 10. As previously said, it has all of the essentials, such as second-screen compatibility (dual graphics) and volume settings, ensuring that the number of songs remains constant and that playback is uninterrupted.


The remote control and touchscreen support are important features that make everything easier. If you don’t have any of them, keyboard shortcuts will help you get to your tasks faster.


Only 50 songs are available in the trial edition. This is the player for you if you need a casual player to fix the party night. If you sing karaoke frequently, it will cost you $40. The UI of this karaoke player is simple, and it won’t take you long to figure out how to play a simple file.


Although Advanced Karaoke Player instals a standalone media manager that allows you to organise your music into folders, most programmes do not operate this way and can be difficult to open.

The software works fine with older KAR files and plays them nicely, however the display does not work for us. It features multilingual support, with 12 languages to choose from.


Key Features:

  • Supports all basic song formats
  • Offers remote control and touchscreen
  • Supports 12 languages
  • Easy to use


4. Kanto player



KFN, MP3 + CDG, CDG, KOR, MID, MP3 compressed files; video karaoke such as MPEG, AVI WMV) are all supported by Kanto Player. The ability to convert ancient MIDI files to MP3 is a wonderful addition. In addition, the full version includes three years of upgrades. It is a fantastic free Karaoke Player.


It’s one of the few karaoke players that allows you to crossfade between tracks. Users can also record voiceovers for competitive or fun purposes. You may view the lyrics on your TV and computer, just like other karaoke players.


All of these features are included in the Kanto Player paid edition. The free edition has five music playlists, one-minute recordings/MIDI to MP3 conversions, and only one screen display.


Key Features:

  • Crossfade
  • Live performance
  • Offers Karaoke recorder
  • Has Dual monitor


5. Karaoke Builder Player



It’s part of a bigger software package that supports a variety of karaoke formats, including CD + G, audio + G, MP3 + G, and zip files. Scrolling, colour fading, and copying stills from songs are all supported by CD + G.


The playback options are similar to those of a standard karaoke player; you can change the sound’s key and pitch. They can control playback with the track slider and the rows window, which has six options.


Users can also add a key shortcut for convenient access, albeit most remote devices do not allow this. Karaoke Player is free to download, but you’ll need the rest of the package to get the best results.

The sound quality is excellent, however your karaoke party will require MP3 + G or CD + G files. It’s one of the top free Karaoke players for PCs running Windows 10.


Key Features

  • Track slider for the ultimate playback control
  • Easy to modify settings


6. PCDJ Karaoke



PCDJ has the highest karaoke fee, however it is not justified. The full version includes online access to the Songbook database for mobile devices as well as offline connection with the Karao Quest performance. Besides, it’s just a regular karaoke machine.


The software supports all supported file types, including MP3 + G, Zipped MP3 + G, WAV + G, and most video formats, and it operates on Karaoke Cloud Pro, where you can record purchased songs.

The interface is unsurprising; it resembles Aria Karaoke, with the exception that its store functions and is updated on a regular basis. On its official website, it offers a series of apps that accompany the karaoke player and song purchases, similar to Karaoke Builder Player.


Playing background music, printing songbooks, offset for graphics and audio, using a touchscreen terminal over a wireless or wired network, importing M3U playlists, and more are just a few of the features available.


After 20 seconds, the next five singers in rotation remove one singer from rotation, giving the singers’ coach authority.


Key Feature:

  • Jukebox background music player
  • Built-in songs stores
  • multiplex support


7. Siglos karaoke player



You can use MP3 + G, CD + G, and MIDI files with Siglos Karaoke Player. It allows you to listen to music directly from YouTube. You have the option of using one or two monitors (one for singing and the other for maintenance). It also animates the background of the lyrics in response to the song’s pulse.


The Karaoke software takes into account the presence of the vocalists so that the camera can capture the songs using the live background of the songs. Other basic functions include key adjustment and song speed.


This karaoke player is worth thinking about. It is reasonably priced, performs admirably, and meets far more than the basic requirements of a standard KJ. The YouTube option could be the best because you can locate practically all of the songs there, saving you money on music purchases.

It is simple to design and purchase, and it accepts a variety of payment ways.


Key Features:

  • Key adjustment and song speed
  • Use it on one or two monitories
  • Easy to use


8. WinLive Free Edition



There is free karaoke software available, but it is purposely limited, so those who want to make a little more money will have to spend $ 60. When it comes to the basic version, it can handle audio files, MIDI files, and all video karaoke formats.


Basic features include playlists (limited to 11 songs), database administration, screen scaling, and shortcut keys.


The home version can play YouTube videos and import lyrics from TXT and PDF files. It allows users to replace sections of the MIDI file with one of the software’s 200 melodies and expands the playlist functionality to 39 songs.


It also has a metro drummer, allowing singers to feel the beat of any song. Tablet support, cross-fading between songs, and simultaneous use of MIDI and audio files (called M-Live Songs) are all accessibility features. You may also choose an image for each song so it can be associated with an artist or single.


The only thing lacking from vinyl life is the ability to purchase songs online; you can play YouTube videos directly or input lyrics from text files. Audio files can be used in a variety of ways, which distinguishes WinLive from the competition and improves the karaoke experience.


The traditional karaoke machine is for KJ, who enjoys singing and singing songs without having fun. Purchased editions include more exclusive features, but if you just want to enjoy your concert, there is also a free ordinary version available.


Key Features:

  • Database management
  • Supports a wide variety of songs
  • Reliable and 100% freeware


9. Walaoke



Walaoke is an unusual karaoke programme. When the right codecs are installed, it can play DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, and any other format. MP3 + CDG, MP3 + LRC, and MP3 + XML files are all supported, and legacy MIDI and KAR files are also supported, so no one is left out.


With the camera or other video input, the player can change the background of your lines. Depending on whether you’re singing in a duet as a male or female, you can display lines in different colours.

If you leave it unchecked, it’ll just be your usual playlist management, with lines highlighted for enhanced effects and the default audio track or channel saved for later use.


All of these capabilities are available for free in the player, which is why it is the most popular karaoke player on our list. You’ll almost certainly have to find the music yourself, but if you’re on a tight budget and require authentic karaoke software, this is the way to go. It’s not difficult; just do what you’re told for free; it’ll be worth it.


Key Features:

  • Reliable and diverse Karaoke software
  • Built-in customization
  • Create your karaoke songs


10. Karafun Player



Are you aware that Karafun Player is the second most downloaded karaoke player on the list and that it appears when you open it? Its editor lets you import all of your existing tracks, and it also supports legacy files (MIDI, KOR), as well as the software-only KFN format.


The Karafun karaoke player’s karaoke collection is one of its best features. You can have access to up to 30,000 songs after paying for any of their plans. Songs played with a historical gadget are recorded. Users can download and save their favourite songs to their home repository.


The player is local, but if getting the songs you want is difficult, you’ll have to pay one of the membership fees. After all, it’s less than most karaoke software costs. It’s minimalist, slim, and light, making it one of the best players for PC.


Key Features:

  • Offline Sync
  • Custom key and tempo
  • Dual Screen display




Without music, no celebration is complete. And karaoke software makes your events more musical. I hope you found this information useful in your search for the finest free Karaoke software. Please share your thoughts on any of these Karaoke programmes in the comments section below. Also, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



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