The 10 Best Employee Scheduling Software in 2022

employee scheduling software

The best employee scheduling software is an easy-to-use platform that automates the online staff scheduling procedure.


Keeping a timetable for your staff, whether you run a small or large company, is a difficult task. Recruiting, calculating working hours, keeping track of clock-in and out times, and processing employee payments are all components of scheduling. Shift scheduling software or staff scheduling software comes in helpful with so much work on the go.


Employee scheduling software can also help you resolve difficulties within the company by reducing misunderstandings because everyone will be looking at the same schedule. Continue reading to learn which employee scheduling software is best for your company.


Best Employee Scheduling Software

We conducted considerable research and prepared a list of the top employee scheduling software that contains most of the main features that an employee scheduling tool should have now that you know how to choose an employee scheduling software for your team.


Let’s have a peek at our broad software collection.


#1. HomeBase Employee Scheduling Software



HomeBase is the most effective employee scheduling software for small businesses. It’s a flexible and reliable solution for all of your employee management problems. Because it integrates with well-known software for payroll, sales data, and hiring, you may accomplish a variety of operations here.


HomeBase is a dependable employee scheduling software that over 100,000 businesses trust to manage their workforce. With HomeBase, you can quickly share the schedule with your complete team, plan shifts, and calculate your team’s working hours.


Although a more advanced version with enhanced performance and other features is available, you can schedule an unlimited number of employees using the free version.


Notable Features:

  • Free applications for iOS and Android devices
  • Can handle unlimited employees
  • Tracks employees using GPS
  • Provides real-time schedule updates
  • Auto reminder for upcoming shifts



  • Free Plan is available
  • Essential Plan: $14 per month billed annually
  • Plus Plan: $35 per month billed annually
  • All in One Plan: $70 per month billed annually


#2. Deputy Employee Scheduling Software



Deputy scheduling software is one of the most widely used workforce scheduling tools, with over 200,000 brands using it worldwide. Because of its basic user interface and straightforwardness, it is simple to use. The best thing about Deputy is that you can buy certain functions individually.


This scheduling software allows you to create shifts, fill in information, pricing, and employee availability. It also allows you to compute labour costs in real time, create timesheets, and export payroll with just one click.


Depuy Scheduling Software’s list of benefits doesn’t stop there; it also offers a 31-day free trial period during which you may experience all of the special features for free!


Notable Features:

  • Calculates wage automatically
  • Shares schedule instantly
  • Real-time viewing of shifts and breaks
  • Application available for easy access anywhere
  • Auto-Scheduling abilities




  • Free trial for 31 days
  • Scheduling: $2.50 Monthly
  • Time and Attendance: $2.50 Monthly
  • Premium Plan: $4.50 Monthly


#3. QuickBooks Employee Scheduling Software



QuickBooks Time helps businesses save time by automating procedures and handling paperwork. This online employee scheduling software includes GPS data that only turns on when the employees are at work, allowing you to monitor their working hours without invading their privacy. It’s also a great tool for scheduling and allocating shifts.


For seamless administration, QuickBooks Time may link with dozens of third-party programmes such as Ploot, Paypal, Jobber, Housecall, Checkflo, Stripe, Aero Workflow, and many others.


QuickBooks Time has also made payroll and invoicing easier. Furthermore, the solution helps organisations replace paper or any other type of tracking ledger with an electronic time information system.


Notable Features:

  • Employees can clock in or leave from any location
  • Create and assign work easily
  • GPS for tracking employee working hours
  • Schedules work by a job as well
  • Notifies when shifts changes



  • 30 days free trial period
  • Premium Plan: $20 per month for each user (additional $8 per extra user)
  • Elite Plan: $40 per month for each user (additional $10 per extra user)


#4. Sage HR Scheduling Software



Sage HR (formerly CakeHR) is a sophisticated scheduling tool for businesses looking to automate their complete human resources process and develop shift schedules. Because of its user-friendly design, data management methodologies, and leave management, Sage HR stands out from the competitors.


It also keeps track of employee records, manages performance, and handles all other HR-related responsibilities. Sage HR offers a 14-day free trial period for users to try out all of their unique features before deciding whether or not to keep using it.


This programme is simple to use and provides various benefits to businesses, including cost savings and system automation.


Notable Features:

  • Easy-to-use Interface with drag and drop management of shift
  • Multiple Shift managers for dividing schedules into groups and departments
  • Suitable for both single and multiple locations
  • Conducts daily reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Can export entire data



  • 14 days free trial period
  • Monthly scheme available for $5.5 per user


#5. Shiftboard Employee Scheduling Software



Shiftboard shift scheduling software includes all of the capabilities that provide a variety of solutions to any workforce challenge. It takes care of everything, including calculating labour costs, tiredness management, and staff renewal, among other things.


Furthermore, the shift board includes two separate scheduling tools: SchedulePro and ScheduleFlex. Warehouses, call centres, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, and public safety utilise the pro version of Shiftboard, while warehouses, call centres, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, and public safety use the flex version.


Employees can use Shiftboard to pick up extra shifts, schedule shifts using automated technologies, confirm last-minute shifts via their smartphones, and gain clearance for schedule changes at any moment.


Notable Features:

  • Views overtime cost
  • Set limits on work hours
  • Tailored info concerning certificates and proficiencies
  • Tools for day-of-shift coverage
  • Employee self-service access and tools that are effective



  • Small business Plan: Starts from $3 per month
  • Professional Plan: Starts from $4 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting from $7 per month


#6. 7Shifts Employee Scheduling Software



In the restaurant industry, 7shifts is a well-known staff scheduling programme. This programme is currently used by over 13000 eateries in North America. Using this software will save you both time and money. If you want to run a restaurant with high profit margins, you’ll need both.


The software can help you account for things like overtime, personnel availability, and local labour laws. Depending on their preferences, your employees will be able to view schedules through email or a mobile app.


Employees at 7shifts have built-in communication capabilities. It’s also easier to keep track of your payroll and bookkeeping demands when you have all of the data at your fingertips. 7shifts is ideal for all types of eateries. With multi-location functionality, you can manage employee scheduling at each site.


Notable Features:

  • Includes time clock
  • Dashboard for employee management
  • Free Android and iOS applications
  • Notifications and Staff scheduling
  • An additional feature for safety and health tracking



  • Comp: free for all users
  • Appetizer: $17.99 per month
  • Entree: $39.99 per month
  • The Works: $69.99 per month


#7. Paycor Scheduling Software



Paycor allows you to manage your schedules, compliance, and payroll all in one place. Paycor has been around since 1990 and is widely regarded as one of the top HR platforms available. Because of its comprehensive scheduling features and payroll capabilities, this HR scheduling software is the best.


Paycor works on a variety of platforms, including laptops and desktop computers. The Paycor platform, which comprises software for many different groups such as employment verification, cost management, background screening, and video conferencing, offers integrations.


Notable Features:

  • Keeping track of compliance documents
  • Self-service and profile access for employees
  • Payroll functions
  • Employee scheduling through PC or mobile device.
  • Preparation and payment of federal and state income taxes



Below 40 employees plan:

  1. Basic: $99 per month
  2. Essential: $149 per month
  3. Complete: $199 per month

If you have 40+ employees, you will need to build a custom plan by selecting the required features.


#8. WhenIWork Employee Scheduling Software



You can now manage your employees and keep track of their working hours without ever leaving the app by using the WhenIWork staff scheduling software. They can keep track of their availability, request time off, and swap shifts. A timer is included in this employee scheduling application to keep track of hours spent and tasks done.


For repetitious scheduling, WhenIWork allows you to develop shift templates or use simple copy-and-paste approaches to repeat previously supplied information. Using the app, adding and dismissing employees is a breeze.


The software includes a messaging system that makes sending and receiving messages simple. You will be contacted quickly if there is a problem with your schedule or if something has to be modified.


Notable Features:

  • Tracks work hours
  • Tools for the task and shift tracking
  • Integrates with various software
  • Design shift templates
  • Fast communication with in-app messages



  • 14 days free trial period
  • Small Business Plan: $2.00 per user every month


#9. ShiftNote Employee Scheduling Software



ShiftNote has grown to become one of the top staff scheduling tools on the market, with over 75,000 users across diverse industries. Healthcare, education, restaurants, and hotels are among the industries for which Shiftnote provides solutions. Its intuitive user interface makes the scheduling procedure go much more quickly.


It’s a secure way for your senior management and employees to communicate from anywhere. ShiftNote does not offer HR or time-tracking functionality, unlike similar products on the market. This should, however, be your first pick if you’re looking for a straightforward scheduling solution.


Notable Features:

  • Free customer support
  • Free mobile application and team messaging
  • Dashboard available for multiple locations
  • Special tools for labor and sales estimates
  • Creates daily login reports



  • 30 days free trial period
  • Shiftnote Manager Log Book: $34.95 per month
  • Shiftnote Scheduler plus Log Book: $64.95 per month


#10. Connecteam Employee Scheduling App



Since 2014, Connecteam has provided dependable software with additional capabilities for online and mobile workforces. Connecteam was created with the intention of assisting employees who do not have a dedicated work space. Connecteam can be accessed using a web browser, a Mac or Windows desktop, or an Android or iOS mobile app.


This employee scheduling software puts a variety of activities at your fingertips. It conducts all of the necessary tasks on any desktop or mobile device, despite its lack of integration information.


Notable Features:

  • Strong administrative system
  • Includes many surveys and tools for employee engagement
  • Shows actual time clock in and clock out
  • Chat and directory for businesses



  • 14 days free trial period
  • Basic: $39 monthly billed annually
  • Advanced: $79 monthly billed annually
  • Expert: $159 monthly billed annually

Features To Look For In Best Employee Scheduling Software

Before deciding on the best employee scheduling software for your organisation, look for the following crucial criteria in staff scheduling software. This buyer’s guide can help you reach a decision more quickly and wisely.


#1. Size of Business

It’s crucial to figure out if the employee scheduling software you’re using is right for your company. Each company has a distinct amount of employees, so the demand for an effective staff scheduling software varies.


#2. Accessibility

Always look for a universally accessible online employee scheduling software. It should be simple to use so that even non-technical employees can use it. Mobile accessibility is also required to keep track of your employees’ schedules at all times.


#3. User Interface

To make staff scheduling easier, you need a good and customizable user interface. To avoid turmoil and confusion at work, scheduling software should also be clean, appealing, and clutter-free.


#4. Time tracking

Because shift scheduling and time tracking are inextricably linked, it’s critical to ensure that the staff scheduling software you choose includes this capability. Some software includes a time monitoring feature by default, while others require an additional purchase.


#5. Integrations

Always double-check to see whether your products have pre-built connectors or can readily connect to other tools. For example, an employee scheduling software’s ability to interact with other software can lessen your workload by automating all of the essential processes.


#6. Price

The cost of an employee scheduling programme is the final feature to consider. A more expensive product will perform better than a less expensive one. However, you should never go beyond and get a tool that is far more expensive than it is worth.


Employee Scheduling Software FAQ

Q 1. What is an Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software helps a company, large or small, manage or create employee schedules, track management and staff schedules, allocate tasks to employees, and know everything in real time across all operational businesses at the same time. As a result, it saves a lot of time and ensures that all jobs are completed correctly.


Q 2. What does it mean to schedule effectively?

An effective schedule will guarantee that the appropriate personnel gets scheduled for each shift. Employee scheduling is therefore also known as shift scheduling as they manage the work period of every employee. It also helps you acknowledge what you can realistically accomplish with your time.


Q 3. Is There a Free workforce scheduling software?

There is a lot of free workforce scheduling software out there. Our list of the finest employee scheduling software includes various free staff scheduling programmes. Home Base and 7Shifts are two examples of free software for everyone; nevertheless, the rest of the programme is only available for a limited time.


Q 4. How do you handle the shift schedules of your employees?

The first step in organising staff shifts is to get to know your team. The next step is to figure out who does what well and which team units are the most productive. After that, you must choose your top employees and schedule your time around them.


Then you must fill open shifts with a variety of configurations and variations that work well in your team. Finally, to provide an autonomous team-wide coordination and communication system, you must develop an employee shift scheduling system using employee shift scheduling software.


#5. What is the cost of staff scheduling software?

Many online employee scheduling software is available for free, but you should upgrade to obtain access to the premium features. When you decide to upgrade, these shift scheduling software might cost anything from $2 to $200 each month.



Following this tutorial, you should be able to select the finest employee scheduling software for your organisation. Managing a huge workforce is a demanding task. You must control their schedule, payroll, and clock-in and clock-out timings.


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