10 Best Beat Making Software [Free & Paid] 2022

Best Beat Making Software

Best beat creating programme that allows you to effortlessly mix, compose, and edit music.


We searched the internet for the greatest creating software, both free and premium. So we put them all to the test and chose the best beat-making software for you. We have something wonderful for everyone, whether you are a professional or have just started working with Digital Audio Workstation. If you want to start using your creative souls to make beats and soundtracks but aren’t sure where to begin, keep reading and we’ll help you locate the finest beat creating software.


We’ve compiled a list of the best beat-making software, along with a full review of each. Each of these instruments is the best and may have its own distinguishing characteristics. You can start composing music after finding the greatest one that meets your needs. Start recording, editing, and mixing those beats to create the perfect soundtracks by plugging in your instrument.


Best Beat Making Software

#1. MAGIX Music Maker – Best Beat Making Software



Magix Music Maker is another excellent DAW programme that provides the ideal balance of beat creation, editing, and mixing. It is one of the best free beat-making apps for those who are just getting started. This beat producing programme is perfect for novices due to its simple interface and design.


Automatic pitch correction, a plethora of sound effects, and sample tracks are all included in the Magix Music Maker. There are numerous video courses available on the internet that will undoubtedly be of great assistance. The free edition of the beat creator programme comes with four sound pools, but if you want more, you may easily upgrade to the Premium Version, which isn’t too expensive.


Virtual musical instruments, soundtracks, and professional features are all available in the premium version. Musix Music Maker has an easier and faster interface for mixing and editing your recorded sounds. Upgrade to premium once you’ve mastered here and get access to all of the master features!


Try MAGIX Music Maker





For individuals who are new to the music-making world, this is a piece of simple, full-featured software. Although FL Studio is a premium beat-making programme, it is a very cost-effective option. This is the greatest beat creating programme for absolute beginners who have just started making music!


The FL Studio includes an outstanding pitch-shifting tool as well as time sequencing, making it simple to create music, especially for beginners. FL Studio is popular and one of the greatest beat creating software because of its large number of virtual instruments and over 80 built-in plugins.


FL Studio is well worth the money because it has a wide range of customization, editing, and mixing options. However, if you are a complete newbie, it will take some time to get used to this beat producing programme, but it is the best among others.


#3. Ableton Live 9



Ableton Live 9 is regarded as one of the best beat-making applications, offering simple yet comprehensive capabilities. This software for producing beats works on both Windows and Mac. Although a free version is available, the $99 premium version is a good deal.


Ableton is well-known for its incredible looping capabilities and grid-style music editor.

If you’re a complete newbie, this isn’t the software for you, but if you have any experience with similar software, Ableton Live won’t drive you insane. The UI, while simple, has several advanced capabilities that will take some time to master.


Here’s a video tutorial for using Ableton Live 9 to make beats:


#4. LMMS



LMMS is one of the top free and open source beat producing software. “Let’s Make Music!” says this name. It has a straightforward user interface but has all of the features you require. Beginners can learn the tool from the large community. YouTube has millions of videos that can assist you in getting started.


Free beat-making software can be quite useful! Your creativity will shine thanks to the simulated instruments and a piano roll editor for fine tuning. LMMS is one of the best beat-making applications because of the additional beat and bassline editors.


LMMS is simple to use and includes a track automation tool to assist users in identifying the proper sound patterns. The sound effects and sample tracks library is incredible. If you’re a beginner, LMMS might be the best option for you. With this free beat-making software, you can accomplish a lot!


#5. GarageBand



GarageBand is an Apple-exclusive music-making software that is only available for Mac users. It includes a wide number of virtual instruments as well as several effects. The user interface may appear overwhelming at first, but it is quite simple to master. GarageBand also includes a number of customization and editing tools, such as a bass measure and a noise manager for reducing background noise during recording.


You can use Garageband to record virtual instruments, mix patterns, and manipulate sounds using a large collection of sounds and tracks. You may build stunning soundtracks by adding effects and amplitude to your own instruments. Furthermore, this free beat-making programme features amazing looping effects that may be used in live performances.


There are numerous reasons why we consider it to be one of the greatest beat-making applications. GarageBand is user-friendly and includes all of the capabilities that professional beat-making software should include. GarageBand is a Mac application that you should check out!


We all know that Garageband for Mac is the only version accessible right now, however there are numerous tips on the internet for Garageband for Windows and Garageband for Android. We haven’t done any testing yet. We’ll soon test and share the guide.


#6. Cubase Elements



Cubase Elements, a highly adjustable beat creating software, is another of the greatest beat making tools. It has a large loop library, templates, and virtual instruments, among other things. Although this is a premium programme, it is reasonably priced.


One of the reasons for Cubase’s enormous popularity is the wide choice of audio effects and plug-ins available. Even though the layout is clean and easy, a total novice should expect to spend days learning how to use this software.


Cubase Elements is one of the best beat-making applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, the software has a limit on how many audio tracks you can utilise in a single soundtrack, but it’s plenty for what you’ll need.


#7. Reaper



Reaper is a beginner’s music producing programme that is inexpensive and simple to learn. It runs flawlessly on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Despite the fact that it costs $60, it is a fantastic price!

Reaper has a user-friendly interface and can support a wide range of sound effects and track plugins.


Because the beat-making programme can read over 25 different file types, you won’t have to worry about converting your sounds into specific formats. In Reaper, the multi-track audio function is something to anticipate.


Beginners will find it easier to work with varied beats and patterns thanks to the MIDI processor and editor. Working with the customising choices is a breeze. If you’re looking for a tool to help you get started in music production, Reaper could be the ideal solution. It contains everything you need and doesn’t compromise on your creative ideas.


#8. OrdrumBOX



Ordrumbox began as a drum beat creation programme, but has evolved into a full-fledged music creation programme. The software is ideal for those who are just getting started with music production. Because its major feature is drum beats, the beat-making programme is commonly referred to as a Drum Machine.


One of OrdrumBox’s biggest features is its Natural Sound Assignations, which can match sounds to their natural pitch and sequence, which is especially useful for novices. OrdrumBox is a full software with a large rhythm database and a variety of customising options.


The additional drum kits can help you create stronger sound patterns, and the built-in sequencer is one of Ordrum Box’s strongest features. Mac, Windows, and Linux users can use the beat-making software. So, if you’re looking for these qualities, this is the tool for you.


#9. Tracktion T7 Draw



If you’re a complete newbie, this is one of the best music-making tools you’ll find on the internet. It’s simple, yet it has all of the features you’ll need. The free edition of Tracktion T7 is an older version, whereas the paid version has more updated features and customization.


The beat-making programme has an intuitive UI, and their customer service is outstanding. There are numerous tutorial videos available for Tracktion T7 to assist you.


If you’re a newbie, it’s one of the greatest programmes for making beats. It comes with a variety of sample tracks and sound effects to get you going. For beginners, the editor and basic interface are ideal, and you may add effects to your instruments. Use Tracktion T7 Draw for a terrific start!


#10. Audacity



Audacity is a wonderful alternative to Garageband and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is one of the most beautiful beat-making programmes available. It is neither overly intricate nor overly difficult to grasp. It will take time for complete beginners, but the process is not tough.


Audacity is more of a music editor than a beat-making programme. Although it is free, the software has several limitations. Because the features limit it to mixing and editing, it might be a fantastic complement to other applications. You can use this to build sound patterns and lay the foundation for your actual soundtrack.


The tool, on the other hand, can provide you with a good understanding of beat making and assist you in mastering such tools. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive. Audacity can assist you in better organising your audio. This beat-making programme is worth a shot; it will undoubtedly teach you something about music production software.



Which of them makes the finest beats? Find out for yourself. Choose the one that best meets your needs, or try them all!


Allow your creative impulses to speak for themselves. It’s time to go big if you’ve already discovered your sound. True music, as someone wise once remarked, originates from the soul. We’ll add that the best beats are made with the best beat-making software.


We hope that we were able to assist you in finding the ideal beat-making gear for you. And, while this essay has come to an end, stay tuned for more!

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