11 Best AdSpy Alternatives In 2022

If you’re seeking for a good Adspy replacement, you’ve come to the correct place. The adspy tools can help you achieve your objectives by tracking competitors’ ads and adjusting your ad creative.

Businesses can benefit from social media advertising to increase their online presence and reach. More traffic and targeted audiences are attracted by online advertising, which leads to increased sales. Adspy is a popular espionage programme, but if you’re seeking for an inexpensive Adspy alternative, this list will come in handy.

However, creating an effective social media ad campaign is not an easy feat. You can run ads on social media platforms, but unless you understand the proper advertising approach, your ad will not get the desired results. That is why you need a programme like AdSpy to supply you with the best ad tactics.

So Here Are My Top Ad Spying Tools You Must Try

  1. Dropispy
  2. Anstrex
  3. Bigspy
  4. Power Ad Spy
  5. Spyfu
  6. Dropispy
  7. Social Ad Scout
  8. Sprout Social
  9. Adplexity
  10. Adbeat

11 Best AdSpy Alternatives You Must Use In 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Adspy alternatives in this post, each of which offers a unique set of features and assists you in improving your advertising strategy.

1. Dropispy

AdSpy Alternatives

Dropispy gives you access to a database with over 40 million advertising from social media sites, as well as real-time information on what your competitors are showing.


  • The database is continuously updated.
  • Sorts ads based on interactions, TA, e-commerce platform, CTA, and other factors.
  • Real-time data analysis of products, shops, and advertisements is available.
  • Allows you to search for adverts using URLs, keywords, and page names.

Dropispy’s free plan allows you to try out and learn about its capabilities. Users can upgrade to a premium plan for 29.90 Euros per month to get the most out of Dropispy.

2. Anstrex

AdSpy Alternatives

Anstrex is the greatest Adspy replacement application, offering many of the same capabilities as AdSpy. You can use this to spy on native ads, push ads, and e-commerce. It tracks ads from 64 countries and has a massive native ad database of around 10 million ads and a push ad database of over 3 million ads.

It also tracks ads from over 25 ad networks, such as Newsmax, Adblade, Gravity, Popin, and others. It is a highly recommended spying programme for eCommerce platforms, but you should look at other AdSpy alternatives if you want to track social adverts.


  • Dashboard for Visual Analytics
  • Reporting on the fly
  • Matrix of key results
  • Metrics of performance

Anstrex has several pricing options, including Native + Push, Native, Anstrex Push, and Anstrex Dropship AdSpy Alternatives.

3. Bigspy

AdSpy Alternatives

Bigspy is an AdSpy alternative that has shown to be an effective tool for spying on your competitors’ ads across many networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

It is a popular ad spy tool with over 3,00,000 users all around the world. This tool allows you to filter adverts by country, date created, ad type, and more. It also allows you to filter adverts by niche, such as eCommerce, travel, and health. BigSpy assists you in keeping track of your competitor’s top affiliate marketers.

You can use this tool to track and download competitor landing pages. However, unlike AdSpy, it does not support third-party integrations. It offers client help in the form of blogs, reports, and lessons, among other things.


  • A large ad database
  • Platforms with multiple advertising options
  • Search engine optimization that works
  • Advertisements that have been highlighted

There are four distinct sorts of pricing options available: free, basic, pro, and elite.

4. Power Ad Spy

AdSpy Alternatives

When it comes to the best AdSpy alternative, Power Ad Spy takes first position. AdSpy Alternatives It can track advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, Google, and Native, as well as on Shopify, an e-commerce platform. This programme has a database of commercials from more than 15 different nations.

You can use specialty keywords, advertiser names, and competitor domains to find advertising. Power Ad Spy uses a sophisticated search algorithm to find the best advertising for you. You may even bookmark the commercials for subsequent viewing, and it provides real-time data.

Power AD Spy offers some third-party integrations, as well as a Chrome extension function that allows you to visit to competitors’ websites and examine their ads. It provides customer service via live chat or by filling out a contact form.


  • It saves the best ad as a favourite.
  • Search algorithms that are robust
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Sorting based on a call to action
  • Make your searches more specific.

There are numerous price options available with PowerAdSpy, including a free plan, a basic plan, a standard plan, a premium plan, a platinum plan, a titanium plan, and a palladium plan.

5. Spyfu

AdSpy Alternatives

Spyfu is a competitor to Adspy that allows you to spy on your competitors’ marketing strategies. It’s a fantastic keyword research and competitive intelligence tool created specifically for digital marketers to help them outperform their competitors in internet searches.

It’s a fantastic keyword research and competitive analysis tool.

Customers use SpyFu to find promising keywords to target with SEO and SEM campaigns and to learn about their competitors’ online marketing methods.


  • Backlink analysis
  • Searching for keywords
  • Analyze the competition
  • Keyword rank tracking and SEO research

SpyFu has three paid plans to choose from: basic, professional, and team.

6. Social Ad Scout

AdSpy Alternatives

If you’re looking for a solid alternative to AdSpy, Social Ad Scout is a good option. It’s an excellent tool for spying on social ads. It is the most effective technique for reaching out to your target audiences via social media.

Because of the user-friendly interface of Social Ad Scout, you don’t need any technical experience to test social ads. Ads can be found using keywords, location, URLs, ad kind, and other criteria. By providing a link to actual adverts, it allows you to see ads on their original sources.

It also provides IP addresses for social media ads so you can see what landing pages your competitors are using.

You can save advertising you like by favoriting them with the tool. AdSpy has less capabilities than Social Ad Scout, such as the ability to download ad landing pages.


  • Fantastic user interface
  • Filter for a more detailed search
  • It shows advertisements from large marketplaces and other countries.
  • It includes video, graphics, text, and other ad types.
  • Ads that target the same people in the same way

Monthly, semi-annually, and yearly are the three types of plans available.

7. Sprout Social

AdSpy Alternatives

Sprout Social, an all-in-one social media management software, is another AdSpy alternative on the list. You may use Sprout Social to monitor and track social media trends to ensure that you’re employing the proper content and methods.

It comes with a comprehensive collection of functions for small and large businesses. It enables you to manage several social network accounts through a single, user-friendly interface. If you want to be on top of your marketing game and have a great social media strategy, this is a must-have tool.

Sprout Social is a Facebook scheduler, Instagram scheduler, Twitter scheduler, and Pinterest scheduler.


  • With ease, onboard
  • reclaim control
  • Boost the efficiency of your team
  • Boost your company’s strategy
  • Build a community of people who are loyal to you.

Sprout Social offers a free trial as well as standard, professional, and advanced pricing options.


Here are the several AdSpy alternatives that you can utilise depending on your preferences and wants. These AdSpy alternatives have the best capabilities for spying on your competitors’ advertisements. Read this post to learn more about AdSpy alternatives that you can trust.

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