10 Best Free Voice Changer for Windows PC

voice changer for windows

We used to have a lot of fun altering our voices and copying other people’s voices when we were kids. Voice shifting remained a part of our life as we grew older, voice changer for windows especially when we wanted to make prank calls for fun with our friends and family.

Aside from that, voice altering may be required professionally when actors are required to provide voice overs for movies and commercials. Gamers can also use voice changer apps to change their speech to match the game’s character. Even language professors nowadays employ voice shifting applications to keep their students engaged in class.


You may imitate cartoon characters’ voices, change your voice to that of a robot or an extraterrestrial, or change the pitch, frequency, and tone of your voice. Given the large number of programmes available in the voice changer category for PC, we’ve compiled a list of the best voice changer apps for Windows PC.

10 Best Free Voice Changer for Windows 11, 10, 8 & 7 PC

Below are the detailed features of the ten most popular voice changer apps.

1. Morph Vox

Voice Changer for Windows

MorphVox is a fantastic PC voice changer. With this app’s cutting-edge technology and functionality, altering your voice is a breeze. This programme can be used to modify your voice online as well as for online gaming. This programme has background noise suppression capabilities as well as voice learning capabilities.

What’s more, you may use it to add background sound effects while you’re speaking. You can also change voices and combine other sounds. voice changer for windows To have some fun, use the hotkeys to make fart sounds and drum rolls.

It connects with internet chat systems and allows users to edit WAV audio recordings. You can change the pitch of the voice using Studio Mode.

Fact Check – Voice changer programmes allow you to alter your voice’s tone, pitch, and frequency, as well as add bizarre effects.

2. Voxal

Voice Changer for Windows

Another handy voice changer programme for Windows and Mac devices is Voxal. It has a wide range of voice varieties and sound effects to choose from. Voxal allows users to alter a male voice to a female one and vice versa.

Voxal uses fewer resources on the system and can be utilised with a microphone. This programme provides a plethora of unique voice effects to experiment with. You can also upload and save various voice effects. Sound effects can be applied in real time as well as on audio recordings voice changer for windows.

3. Voicemod

Voice Changer for Windows

Another popular voice changer for PC is Voicemod. For online games like PUBG, Minecraft, and Fortnite, as well as online chat sites, you may use this programme to change your voice in real time.

It can successfully synchronise with third-party streaming apps and devices including Discord, Skype, and Twitch. This software is free to download and also has a premium version.

Pro Tip – If you’re planning to do a voiceover or modify your voice for professional purposes, it’s usually a good idea to record your voice first and then edit it. To make a high-quality recording of your voice, always utilise a professional microphone.

4. Nexmo

Voice Changer for Windows

Nexmo, now known as Vonage, is a fantastic voice-changing service that works well with third-party vendors. You may tailor your calling experiences and hold audio conferences using this app. You can make calls both over VoIP and over a traditional phone network.

5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Voice Changer for Windows

You can morph your voice on Hangouts, Ventrilo, Skype, Discord, and other apps using Clownfish Voice Changer. You can also use it as an add-on, but you’ll need to give it access to the system microphone or other audio devices to do so.

This software connects to the platform’s console as well as several chat apps. This programme allows you to make robot sounds, change genders, and do a lot more voice changer for windows.

6. AV Voice Changer

Voice Changer for Windows

You can never go wrong with AV Voice Changer when it comes to finding one of the finest voice changer programmes for Windows PC. You can use this tool to modify your sound in real time as well as edit records in the waveform. Other functions, such as Voice Characters and Voice Enhancement, are also available.

7. All-in-One Voice Changer

Voice Changer for Windows

You can use this all-in-one voice modification tool to modify your voice during voice and video calls. It’s simple to set up and may be tested before being used.

The slider might also be used to change the pitch and tone of the voice. It also syncs with Skype or Instant Messenger without a hitch.

8. IVoice

Voice Changer for Windows

IVoice integrates with a variety of other technologies, including audio streaming apps, VoIP services, and in-game chatting rooms. Voice changer for windowsThis programme allows you to change your voice to that of a robot, child, or monster. It also allows users to preserve recordings and modify them before sharing or setting them as ringtones.

9. Voice Master

Voice Changer for Windows

This PC voice changer is primarily designed for Skype to help with voice changes during calls. Pitch alteration, preview option, and configuration are the three modes available in the app interface.

Before using the app effect on Skype, you can also test your voice. This freeware is small and lightweight, and it may run alongside other programmes.

10. Virtual Personality

Voice Changer for Windows

This is both a call-changing software and an internet utility. It provides high-quality speech modulation as well as voice pitch and frequency transformation.

It has 24 speech effects and is fully compatible with phones, computers, and other web programmes.

Concluding Lines

Talking Tom was the most popular and advanced voice altering smartphone application back in the day. However, there are now a plethora of voice morphing apps accessible for Windows PCs as well. So, with the above-mentioned voice changer for PC, you may now change your voice at any time.

Note: Changing the tone and pitch of your voice is the simplest technique to change your voice.

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