10 Best Free Disk Partition Manager Software For Windows 11,10, 8, 7 PC

Disk Partition Manager Software

You may create, delete, alter, split, extend, and combine partitions on your hard drive with the right disc partition manager software. We’ve tried and tested various tools in this post, and we’ve compiled a list of the best free disc partition manager programmes for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Partition management software lets you split and create partitions on your hard drive to better organise and manage your files, directories, applications, and other data, whether you’re increasing or decreasing the size of your Windows system partition to make room for a dual-boot operating system.

It’s never been easy to create secure partitions, Disk Partition Manager Software which is where partition management software comes in.

From this site, I’ve compiled a list of the best free disc partition management software for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

  1. Acronis Disk Director
  2. AOMEI partition assistance SE
  3. NIUBI Partition Editor
  4. EaseUS Partition Master
  5. Paragon partition manager
  6. Tenorshare Partition Manager
  7. MiniTool partition wizard
  8. GParted
  9. Macrorit disk partition expert
  10. [email protected] partition manager

10 Best Free Disk Partition Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best free and paid disc partition software for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, so you don’t have to waste time searching for it.

1. Acronis Disk Director

Disk Partition Manager Software

The best disc partition software programme for Windows 11, 10 PC is Acronis Disk Director. This programme has tools for securing and optimising your disc usage. Without losing data, you can create, merge, split, resize, format, and activate hard disc partitions.

The best feature of Acronis Disk Director is that it allows you to clone a disc into the same format and convert between primary and logical volumes, as well as from HDD to SSD. This tool, like any other partition software, can assist you in recovering files or partitions that were accidentally wiped for any cause.


  • Volumes can be resized, divided, and merged.
  • Volumes can either be concealed or visible. Disk Partition Manager Software
  • Transform an MBR (Master Boot Record) disc into a GPT (Guest Partition Table) disc (GUID Partition Table).
  • You can copy your data from one hard disc to another.
  • It can be started from a DVD, CD, or USB drive.

Reason to Buy – This partitions programme includes a volume recovery tool that aids in the recovery of lost data partitions. A device failure or an inadvertent deletion could be the cause of data loss.

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant SE

Disk Partition Manager Software

You may resize, merge, create, format, align, split, and recover partitions using AOMEI Partition Assistant, as well as copy entire discs and partitions. You can convert it to various file systems without losing any data.

You may make a bootable window flash drive with this utility, Disk Partition Manager Software allowing you to create a partition without having to install anything. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to enjoy all of the incredible features unless you pay.


  • All of your files can be accessed through tablet, phone, or laptop.
  • It is possible to convert GPT discs to MBR.
  • It is capable of scanning the hard drive for damaged sectors.
  • GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record) partition styles are supported.
  • There’s a straightforward, step-by-step wizard included.

Reason to Buy – You will be able to combine, relocate, split, extend, or resize partitions without danger of losing data if you use this disc partition programme.

3. NIUBI partition Editor

Disk Partition Manager Software

Another excellent disc partition manager programme for Windows is NIUBI Partition Editor. Create new partitions, resize partitions, move partitions, format partitions, change the file system of partitions, and so on are all possible with the free edition of NIUBI Partition Editor.

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition costs $39.


  • The disc can be reduced in size, extended, or merged.
  • It allows you to change the division’s label.
  • Disk slices can be readily created and deleted.
  • Partition concealment, data earing, read-only settings, and other data security measures are included.

Reason to Buy – Users can convert disc partitions using this partition programme. You can use it to convert MBR discs to GPT and NTFS partitions to FAT32.

4. EaseUS Partition Master

Disk Partition Manager Software

Another tool for creating, formatting, resizing, relocating, dividing, merging, copying, erasing, checking, or investigating partitions is EaseUS Partition Master.

It also comes with a partition recovery programme that lets you restore all of your lost data or deleted partitions if you lose your data for any reason. Despite the fact that the free version of the software has a lot of features, some of them are only available in the paid version. The professional edition will set you back $19.95.


  • The operating system, a partition, or the entire drive can all be restored.
  • It simplifies the process of upgrading the system drive to a larger HDD.
  • All of the essential features are included in the free edition.
  • This tool can be used to change a partition’s label in order to manage data.

Reason to Buy – You can merge non-adjacent partitions using this disc partition utility. Multiple partitions can also be merged and split into one.

5. Paragon Partition Manager

Disk Partition Manager Software

Another free disc partition management programme is Paragon partition manager, which allows you to create, delete, and format partitions. Many functions of the hard drive partition utility make partitioning, optimising, and maintaining your PC easier.

Moving the operating system to a separate disc, cloning or merging partitions, erasing hard drives, and more are all included in the pro version.


  • To clone the operating system to a USB device, use this utility.
  • Different sector widths can be used to copy or restore files to a hard disc.
  • The problem can be detected and fixed using Paragon Partition Manager.
  • A large number of core functionalities are supported.

Reason to Purchase – This hard disc partitioning software is designed specifically for professionals. It contains a Paragon automated partition alignment technology that improves the performance of your hard disc when partitioning.

6. Tenorshare Partition Manager

Disk Partition Manager Software

Another disc partition manager tool for Windows PC is Tenorshare Partition Manager. Although partitions can only be formatted in the NTFS or FAT32 file systems, EXT2/3/4, Reiser4/5, XFS, and JFS are among the file system formats that can be studied.

One drawback in this software is that it does not allow you to resize the partition when Windows is installed, which is one of the main reasons people use partition software.


  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It can function with a number of different file systems.
  • This application supports SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), IEEE, and SATA (Serial ATA).
  • File systems such as FAT, EXT, NTFS, HFS, and others are supported.
  • Before being implemented, changes are queued.

Download for the following reasons: This software features a simple interface that allows you to quickly create, resize, delete, and format partitions. It comes with a number of useful partition management features.

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